Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday-♫Don't You...Forget About Me♪

Not Me Monday!
A blog carnival created by
Where we all share our (not so) short comings.

It has not been just over a month since my last post.
I am not horrified at myself for slacking. However, we have
not been pretty busy, and I did not find it easier and easier
to just not blog as the time went on. I am also not horribly
behind on blog reading-I am so sorry!!! I haven't decided
if I'm going to try to catch up or just move on from here.

(If any of you had anything momentous or exciting go on
while I was absent, please add a link in the comments so I
can go read and celebrate with you!! :)

Here are a few things I/we have not been doing:

1. I have become an avid couponer. I had no idea how
time consuming it is! I have been saving lots of money,
though, and it's quite a rush!

2. I sent my youngest to church one Sunday in a dress
that the hem was all the way out of. I may have just
taped it back up with packing tape. Maybe.

3. Ball season has started. It's a bit stressful this year.
Jacob has games on school nights that don't START till 8:15.
That's 15 minutes past his bedtime already, so I'm really not
happy about that. It is what it is, though. Pictures to follow.

4. Paul's dad passed away Sunday the 21st. His funeral was
this past Wednesday. It was a wonderful service, although it was
much harder on Paul than he thought it would be. It was a long,
emotionally and physically tiring week, but we know where he
is and he's not suffering any more. I am thankful that the kids
got to visit him one last time while he was still lucid.

5. I missed my one year blogiversary. Not because I wasn't blogging,
it was back in January when I WAS, but because my blog counter
was wrong. And no matter how many times I try to fix it, the
counter always starts off wrong. This is also my 200th post!!

6. Noah has become obsessed with rocks. He always has rocks, rock
piles, rock buddies, etc. It's really cute...until I step on one, barefoot,
in the middle of the living room floor!

Thanks to those who are still here...I love and miss you all!!