Monday, July 27, 2009

Praying for Stellan and Abby.

Good morning friends. I just wanted everyone to be aware that things with Stellan have gone rapidly downhill since last night. Jennifer's last tweet said their families are all on the way to the hospital, which is frightening. I wanted to ask everyone-even those of you who don't follow MckMama-to please pray for Stellan and their whole family during this difficult time. I pray that God will intervene, but I also know that God's plan is not always our own.
Also, I just read on Brent Rigg's blog that Abby is on the way to be admitted to the hospital this morning and she is in serious need of prayer also. Abby has a vigilant form of cancer and has developed an dangerous infection and they are not sure how far advanced it is. Please pray
for Abby and their family as well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...circa may 2000

Ash. 3 years old.

We found these shoes this week cleaning out a bunch
of old stuff and boy did some nostalgia set in!
Oh, yeah, this is Wordless Wednesday.
Sorry. (Not really :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I ♥ Faces Week 28-Feet

I ♥ Faces
Week 28-Feet
Emmie loves chalk and usually gets it everywhere-
including her feet!
I love this pic-it has her chubby hands too.

Sorry I've been AWOL for a few days.
Paul ran his thumb into his table saw on Friday
and we had a crazy weekend. He's fine, although in a lot of pain.
Thankfully he will not have to have surgery to fix the bone
he shattered-they said it should heal on it's own. I would post
pictures, but I like most of you, and don't want to scare anyone
off! :) Needless to say, I've been playing nurse and doing most
everything around the house by myself. I'll try to catch up
on my reading and commenting later today.
I really wanted to participate in the 'Not my child
Monday,' but Paul had an appt with the ortho-hand
specialist yesterday and last night I was just too
tired to think that much! I can't wait to read everyone
else's though!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

100th post giveaway winner!!

Good Saturday morning!
It's time to announce the winner of my
100th post giveaway!
There were 34 comments.
I used the random number generator
I was trying to get a screen shot when I
accidentally navigated away from the page
and lost the screen! So y'all will just have
to take my word for it!
Congratulations, Kimber!!
Wow, girl-you are on a roll this week!! :)
Email me and we'll discuss exactly what you'd
like to get!
Thanks to everyone who entered!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What would you do?

When we were in Atlanta, my MIL was with
us as usual. She goes on every vacation with
us-partly for her to get to travel, partly for us to
have help! It is really wonderful.
As we finished our lunch at the Turner
Building, we walked out onto the sidewalk
and stopped to discuss where to go next. As
we stood there, a man walked up and asked if
he could help us find anything. We told him no,
we didn't have any particular destination in
mind yet-we were still deciding what to do next.
He said ok, that he just wanted to help. After an
awkward moment, he said he was in a bad spot
and didn't have any money but was hungry,
did we have a few dollars we could spare
so that he could go to the Subway down the
street and get some lunch? I was a little uncomfortable
but immediately reached into my pocket
because I knew I had a few loose ones-and Paul
did the same. Paul gave him a bunch of
change (probably $3-4 worth) and I gave him
the $3 in ones that I had. Not a lot of money,
but it would have bought him a sandwich at
Subway! My MIL was horrified. As soon as the
man walked away, she began lecturing us on
how we 'knew' he didn't want that money for
food, and you don't just hand money out
to just anybody. Paul told her that we did
what we thought was right in the situation, and
what the man did with the money was between
him and God. It was out of our hands at that
point, and we only did what we felt was the right
thing to do. Paul said,"What if that man was Jesus?"
She was not swayed by anything we said, and she
continued to make negative comments about it
for the next several hours-in front of the kids.
I prayed for the man, of course, but I also
prayed that my kids would walk away from that
situation with the lesson God wanted them to see,
and nothing else. I truly think we did the right
thing. We will never know that man's real
situation in life, or what he really did with that
money. And I think all that's beside the point.
I'm not saying we should throw our money away
stupidly, or that we should be able to give to
everyone who sticks their hand out. I realize that
there are many people out there who are very quick to
take advantage. But I think we have to take each
situation individually and give when we feel led
to give. And always do what we feel is right-no
matter what anyone else says. And that's what
I hope my kids saw that day.
To defend my MIL a bit, she is a wonderful
Christian woman. She has been inspirational in
my walk with Christ and I love her dearly.
She was raised in different times with different
perspectives on a lot of things-like not wasting
ANYTHING, and holding tight to money, etc.
We get along fantastically, unlike many MIL/DILs,
I just didn't agree with her in this instance.
So, friends, have you been in that situation?
What did you do? If you haven't, what would you
do? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
And the King shall answer and say unto them,
Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have
done it unto one of the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me.
Matthew 25:40 KJV
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100th post giveaway, please do so soon!!
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July 17-12:ooAM central time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-Hop on Pop!!

P.S. Notice Paul's facial expressions! He was hamming
it up-the kids LOVE it!

Props to Pop!
Just a little FYI-I'm going to end my giveaway THIS
Friday, July 17. Waiting till the 24th is just
gonna drive me crazy! If you haven't entered yet,
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Monday, July 13, 2009

I♥Faces week 27-Sports in action!

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Week 27-Sports in action!
Hop over to
I♥Faces to see all the other
Sports in Action pics!

This is Jacob at his first practice!
Can you tell by his smile he was excited??
He had such a fun season. He just loved playing!
I was going to post a pic for the I♥Faces pet challenge
too, but Blogger won't upload it for some reason, so
I guess maybe I'll try again tomorrow!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Post 100!! And just a little taste of one of my favorites (also known as-a GIVEAWAY!)

These are Ashton's glasses from her 100th day of Kindergarten!
I thought they were appropriate!! :)
Yeah, I'm a packrat.

Well, friends, I made it to 100!

It doesn't seem like it's been that long!
Honestly, when I first started this blog, I didn't know if
I'd actually keep it up or not. But I really love it! I love
knowing that I am recording our life in words and photos
in a way that I might not have had otherwise!


And I have made some great new friends and
been able to get some great insight into my IRL
friends who also have blogs here.
Thanks to everyone who reads this blog on a
regular basis. You honor me! Seriously.


Now to the fun stuff!
As all of you who read my vacation post know,
we stopped at Priester's Pecans on the way to Atlanta.
I LOVE nuts in any form (see: Paul-hehe) but I really
love pecans. Maybe it's a southern thing. I don't know.
But they're to die for! Priester's makes them just
about any way you can imagine-frosted, honey glazed,
roasted and salted, with chocolate and caramel...
{wiping drool off chin}
So, since I love Priester's, and I love all of you
(not in any funny way, you know what I mean!)
I thought it would be neat if I brought the two
together! So, I'm giving away some of the yummy
goodness! Around $25 worth of any Priester's
goodies you think you'd like to try!


So, here's the info:
Go visit Priester's website then come back and
tell me what you'd like to try-as many things as
you'd like to try! That gets you entered!

Want more entries?
1. Follow me and let me know in another comment.
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3. Blog about my giveaway, even a little blurb-
just make sure you link it-and you can have
2 extra entries. Leave me 2 comments and
please tell me where I can go read about it!
~That's up to 5 entries!!~

Ready? Set?? GO!!! You have until Friday, July 24!
Didn't find anything you'd like? Nuts not your
thing? That's not a problem-maybe I'll just give
you $25 from YOUR favorite place-just let me know!
And thank you all again!

BTW-I'm loving Blogger today. No matter how much
I complain, it is really good sometimes! I had this
whole post typed up and just before I hit publish, my
DSL went down! I was totally bummed thinking
I'd have to retype it all, but thankfully when I
came back, it was all still here!!! It had saved the
draft! Thank you blogger!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

There and back again-a vacation story in pictures. (Post #99!!!)

This is a LONG picture post. I will type as little
as possible.
You're welcome.

Ok, so this isn't a vacation pic-but my hair is straight
and that NEVER happens and I wanted everyone
to see it. Thank you Mary for using your Chi so well!

Now for the vacation:
The kids on the porch at Priester's Pecans.

Another pic by Paul on the top of Stone Mountain.
I didn't freak out when I saw this one-then I realized
it's the zoomed one...

this is the actual shot! Paul swears they weren't
in as much danger as it looks!! He says they weren't
actually sitting on the edge of the world
mountain, that it gently sloped down behind them
and there was even a fence. Humph.

I thought this was a really cool shot.

This is the mountain face-it has a beautiful intricate
relief of three Confederate heroes (Davis, Lee, and Grant,) and they do a
fantastic laser light show right on the mountain itself!

There are tons of other things to do-check out their website!
This is just us! :)

Waiting for the show to start! It was the Fourth of
July show and it was fantastic! I totally didn't cry!
(Yeah, yeah, I know it's not Monday!)
Now for the Six Flags and White Water pics!
This is me with my Wonder Woman cape that
Paul won for me.
Totally appropriate, I think! Hehe!
Nothing like a family Fourth of July pic with
Tweety Bird!
Jacob and Batman! He was so excited that Batman
spoke!! (Cause none of the cartoon characters did)

Paul and Noah on the Carousel.
A bit of trivia:
A carousel goes counter-clockwise,
a merry-go-round goes clockwise.
That's the only difference!
Love Marvin the Martian!!
Paul chillaxin at the water park!
Syd cheesin in the pool.
Ash also cheesin in the pool!
Jacob cheesin in the pool!
(getting redundant...sorry!)
Noah playing at the kiddie pool. He had a
blast at the water park!!
Emmie just being Emmie.
Paul fought the no-nap monster and won!
Paul with friends from church-
Mandy, her son Noah, and Lindsay!
Ashton and Emmie looking down from the
sky bucket.
Syd riding the trucks with Noah!
Me and Emmie riding the trucks. Also my
favorite pic-taken by Sydney. :)
We had a great time! It wasn't too hot, and we spent
lots of family time together! It was wonderful.
I have tons more pics, but I figure that's enough!!
I wish blogger had a simpler uploader.
Anyone know a faster way to upload pics?
Just wanted to point out-this is post 99!!
It doesn't seem possible that I'm almost to 100!
For those that are interested, scroll back up and
click on the link to Priester's Pecans. Pick out
some YUMMY goodies and be ready to
tell me what you'd like to try!
Watch for my post tomorrow for
more information!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-Ash and Jacob on top of the world!

(Or maybe just on top of Stone Mountain!)

Photo courtesy of Paul.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday-vacation style!!

Welcome to "Not Me" Monday-
Where we get to admit deny
all the not-so-fantastic things we
didn't do this week. Cause, you know,
we'd never admit the things we actually did.
Brought to you by MckMama.
Hop on over and read what she and
all the other moms have not done this week!
We did not take a vacation to Atlanta this week!
It was not a 4 day church trip that we just extended
to make a full 7 day vacation! I would never insist on
stopping by here

along the way, because it is not my ALL TIME FAVORITE
nut place! And I don't mean the padded wall kind of nut place either!
I'm talking PECANS! OMGosh. And I have not totally eaten a whole
bag of my favorite kind-honey glazed-in a week!!
Cause I'm totally not that gluttonous!
(well, I might have shared some)
(And I might share some with one of YOU
when I hit my 100th post in a day or two-just sayin!)
I didn't mildly freak out when I looked up and saw THIS

out the front windshield!! (Thankfully, I wasn't driving!) Once
I realized there wasn't any danger , I didn't immediately grab
my camera with this exact post in mind!!
My two little ones did not wake up every morning of
vacation by 6 AM. Since Paul got up around that time anyway,
I seriously didn't put them both in the bed with me
in the hopes of getting more sleep-and, as evidenced by
this pic I was able to snap by playing the ISO setting
on my camera (thanks, MckMama and Brittany!) it didn't

I was not then able to catch a few more hours sleep.
It was so not wonderful.
We didn't spend an entire day in the Six Flags White
Water Park. I do not have a one year old who HATES
water. It didn't take hours for me to convince her
to just STAND ON THE GROUND! Finally, she didn't
let me set her down, and she didn't run around
waving and grinning at everyone. But she would have
never still freaked out EVERY time water touched her!

She didn't look totally cute in her bathing suit, and got no
comments at all from passing strangers about it.
And in one of the unfunniest moments of the week,
Paul and I took this pic
in which I am absoutely not wearing Emmie's bow in my
hair-cause that would be just silly-and I would
never post a pic if I did. This is not one of mine and Paul's
favorite characters, and as we were walking away, Jacob
did not ask, "Momma, why is his name 'Popcorn Leghorn?'"
Nope, my kids know their Looney Tunes better
than that!!
Anyway, sorry this is so late!!