Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If nautical nonsense is something you wish...

An actual dinner conversation:

Paul and I are eating Subway and the kids are eating
chicken strips from the corner gas station. (at home)
(These strips rival KFC. Seriously.)

Noah seems to realize Paul has something different than
he does and says something I've very rarely heard him say:
"Daddy, I-ona bite-a yours."

After staring at me in disbelief for a moment, Paul leans over
and gives Noah a bite of his Subway club with the works.

As soon as the bite goes in it is promptly yucked back into
Paul's hand.

Noah points at the lettuce on Paul's sub seriously and says,
"Daddy, I dest don't wike your seaweed!"

Maybe we watch too much Spongebob.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not welcome here.

99.99999% of you are always welcome here.
I ♥ you all, and find some guilty pleasure in knowing
that you like coming here and reading about me and
my family. You leave positive comments and I even chat
with some of you through email and Facebook.
I am so very thankful for the new friendships.


A few days ago I had a visitor who, hiding behind
anonymous, left me a nasty comment about
a fellow blogger whom I consider to be a friend.
The comment was hurtful, used language I don't
use, and even managed to have racism in it.

I will not tolerate this on MY BLOG.

First and foremost, this is my FAMILY blog. It is personally
insulting to me that anyone would comment on a post
that was very special to me in a way that is meant
to hurt someone. My family, and especially my children,
read this blog. No one will leave nasty or inappropriate
comments here. They will be deleted immediately, and
the commenter will be blocked.

Second, the person who was insulted is a friend.
I don't know her personal business because it is just that-
Anything she is doing or has done in her life that may
(or may not)
be the right thing to do is between her and God.


Especially if you don't buck up and admit who you are.
Hiding behind anonymous is just cowardly.

It is not for me or you to judge, and by you doing so,
I think you are just as much in the wrong as anything
(you think) she might be doing.

Grow up. We're not in high school anymore.
Get over it. Let her live her life and you live yours.
If she is not hurting you personally, move on.
If she is, tell her so-openly so that she knows who you are-
and deal with it.

Know that you and your nasty comments are
not welcome here.

For now I am not turning off my anonymous comments.
I have had some very nice people comment using the
anonymous feature, and I don't want to block that.
But I will.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


Trying something new with my pictures...I hope they show up right.

I took these the other day.
We had about 5 minutes, she was impatient, and the sun
was directly in her face. She doesn't usually glow quite that
much! LOL.
They are still beautiful.








Make-up and jewelry.
Friends and boys.
I hope you will be willing
to share it all with me.
You are growing too fast...
but thankfully not grown yet.

Enjoy it, baby girl. You only get these years once.
I will be here for the whole ride. No matter what.
Hang on tightly to God, and know that only He
loves you more than daddy and I do.



Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This post is only three weeks late... :( Sorry Ash.

Between my procrastination, my scanner not scanning,
and blogger refusing to upload all the pictures I wanted
to post, this post is roughly 3 weeks in the making.

Because I couldn't upload the old and new pictures at the
same time (what's up with Blogger???) I'm doing a 'then'
post and a 'now' post. And because my scanner is dumb,
the youngest picture I have of Ash is one of her 1yr old pics.

You gave me the best job title I've ever had;
Beautiful from birth, you have always had amazingly blue eyes.
You look so much like your dad's 2yr old pictures here it's
unreal. With the exception of the long hair, of course! :)
You still look more like your dad.

Sweet and funny, always quick to smile and laugh.

Amazed by butterflies and all animals, you wanted to
be a vet from the time you were about 3.

Sometimes quiet and introspective-always smart and thoughtful.

The gratuitous snaggle-tooth shot-one of my favorite looks.
Sorry, Ash.
And sorry to my
readers for the blurry shot!

Always liked short-medium hair better than long.

Girlie and tom-boy all rolled into one.

Loves food and all things eating!! ;)

Wonderful big sister-little mother hen.

Beautiful smile, loves to laugh.
Too big, but not yet grown-
almost as tall as me!
I can't believe you are 13.
You were and always will be my first
baby girl. I love you more than any words
could express. I thank God for you everyday.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Go team!!

So...today's the day!!
Who are you rootin for?
Are you even gonna watch?
I was playing with the fondant yesterday and
made these. Nothing fancy, but definitely fun!

Go Team!!
(I personally have no team...not a big football fan myself.
Just getting into all the fun. :)