Friday, April 30, 2010

Say a little prayer for our coast...

Most of you already know that I live on the gulf coast of
Mississippi. Not directly on the coast-we live about 25 miles
inland-but there is something very scary happening
right now on our beautiful coast.

You have certainly all heard about the Deep Horizon off-
shore drilling rig that exploded last week in the Gulf of
Mexico. They originally reported that it was spilling just
a small amount of oil into the Gulf, but now we know that
it is spilling as much as 5000 barrels, or 200,000 gallons
of oil into our water everyday. They are now saying
that it could take as much as 3 months to be able to cap
the leak. And this morning I read that they are expecting
this oil spill to be worse than the worst oil spill in history-
the Exxon Valdez.

I can't even begin to tell you how bad this is for the coast. It
affects every part of life here. The wildlife is in horrific danger,
the people who make their living fishing and shrimping are in
danger of losing their livelihoods, and the seafood industry as
a whole-epecially the local restaurants and markets are in a
really bad spot.

In addition to praying for the families of the workers lost when the
rig exploded, will you please, please pray for the coast? Especially
this weekend as the oil will actually be hitting the shore as early as
this morning. I will keep you updated as I know more.

Thank you in advance.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ok, let's try that again...

So that last post was a total flub.


I hit 'enter' when I meant to hit 'tab.'

Thus, the postless post was born.

The 'hahahaha' was not becuase there was nothing

in the post. I promise.

I was laughing at the fact that so many of you guessed
that we are adding on because I'm pregnant.

Because I'm NOT.


We ARE adding on...everyone got that part right. We are
a family of 7 living in a 3Br/2Ba house, and things are just tight!

Paul, Emmie, and I share the master, Jacob and Noah share a room,
and Ashton and Sydney share a room.

We are adding 2 bedrooms and a full bath in the unused part of the
attic. We already have a big 'media' room up there.

Ashton and Sydney will have their own (small) rooms, and a (small)
bathroom to share among themselves and with anyone in the
upstairs room who needs to use the facilities but doesn't want
to walk back down the stairs. (read: everyone)

Jacob and Noah will continue to share their room, and Emmie will get
the room Ashton and Sydney share. She may have to share it
one day as well.

As far as me being PG, like I said before, I'm NOT. But we are
going to Disney in a month (a month EXACTLY, as a matter of fact)
and for the first time since our honeymoon, we will have a room to
to ourselves!!



Let's just say we'd like to bring back a...shall we say...special...souvenir.


And if it doesn't happen then, we will continue trying.

I'll keep you posted on the upstairs building...and
I'll let you know something when I know something! :)




Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...what in the world... Paul working on in the attic???

P.S. don't get to answer this one cause you
already know!! LOL!! ;)

Friday, April 9, 2010

My other sweet boy...

Jacob's paper he brought home this week;

Wun deay I wint too The Jungl and I sol a wolf.
and I toold him too sit.
The End.

Best story EVA.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just me and Syd...

Syd and I are in Jackson again, this time for
the All State choir festival. We'll be here till
Saturday. This is my first time away from my
babies for more than a night, and Paul's first
time taking care of them for this long-but he will
have help from his mom, so I'm not too worried.

Missing all my babies (the big ones too) already!

Things were a bit stressful when we got here because
our choir director was running late (as usual*) and
I wasn't sure we could check in, but not only were we
able to, the lady said they had my Marriott number
-which I didn't even know I had-
and they were bumping us up to a concierge room!!
Super cool-even though it's a pretty normal
looking room. Very nice, though, and clean. And the
bath stuff is Bath and Body Works which totally rocks! :)

*just a side note-YES, I am normally late. For everything.
But this guy...OMGosh, he makes me look super organized
and super punctual!! To be a teacher, he's NEVER prepared,
and always the last one to any choir function. Also, I just
wanted to point out (because it's my blog and I can)
that we managed to leave early this morning.
Yep. EARLY! Yay me!
We left before our scheduled time. Maybe a first.

But then, as a super bonus, when our director got here, he
informed me that the choir boosters voted to pay our
entire trip, including meals! Whoo-hoo!!! Praise the Lord!!
Now I can afford the $12.95 per 24hrs on internet I'm
having to pay to type this!!

I'm so in my element here. I think I had more fun at the first
rehearsal than Sydney did! I was just wishing I had the music
so I could sing along! I'm a total choir nerd! :) I miss all this.
Anyway, I'll be on here as time allows. They've got us
on a pretty tight schedule, but after this evening they
aren't allowing parents into rehearsals so I'll have some free
time here and there. Hope everyone had a great
weekend! I know I am!
P.S. If you're wondering about the title...(it's one thing
on the dashboard and something else when you open
it) 3 words...complete user error. :/

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweet boy...

Last night at bedtime:
Sydney-'Noah, God is watching over us all the time!'
Noah (looking around) 'Where is He?'
Sydney-'Well, He's invisible. We can't see Him.'
Noah-(pouting, with his lip sticking out) 'Aww...but I
wanted to pway hide-and-seet wif Him!'