Monday, April 6, 2009

If momma ain't happy...

We all know how the saying goes-If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
I've been thinking about that saying a lot lately, and I'm not at all sure that's how it should go. I think it would be more appropriate to say
If baby ain't happy, ain't nobody-especially momma-happy.
As moms I think we spend most of our time trying to ensure that everyone else is indeed happy, and when they're not, then we are unhappy too.
After following MckMama's very stressful journey with Stellan's SVT, I see this personified in her walk. It is so difficult to see our little ones sick, especially when there is nothing we can do for them. Well, that's not entirely accutate-we can pray-but being human gives us the driving desire to be able to fix things for ourselves. We feel like there is nothing we can do. That's where faith comes in, hopefully, and gives us strength to endure what's going on with our children. Strength to stand at the bedside of a sick baby and be able to do nothing except pray. And strength to let that just be ok, knowing that the God we serve is all powerful and in control-even when we are not.
Now my friend Konnie's baby, Easton, is in the Children's Hospital in Orlando. They are supposed to be having a wonderful family vacation at Disney World, but he began having breathing difficulties and was taken to the ER. He has been diagnosed with RSV. Thankfully it is treatable, unlike Stellan's SVT, but it is still difficult for mom and dad. Please be in prayer for the whole family as they are separated-Isaac and the older boys are stuck at the hotel (the boys are not allowed on the floor where Easton is) and Konnie and Easton are stuck in the hospital. Pray for a speedy recovery, and a safe trip home.
And let me know if you agree-If baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

P.S. I am trying new things on my blog, just playing around until I get it the way I want it. Please let me know if there is something that you like or don't like (i.e. the music player? Is it annoying? Is it too loud? Etc.) Just a little input if you will. :)


Tracy said...

I totally agree if baby aint happy, aint nobody happy. And it is stressful sometimes to figure out how to make baby happy again.

He And Me + 3 said...

Praying for all these babies. I like the 3 column look.