Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not welcome here.

99.99999% of you are always welcome here.
I ♥ you all, and find some guilty pleasure in knowing
that you like coming here and reading about me and
my family. You leave positive comments and I even chat
with some of you through email and Facebook.
I am so very thankful for the new friendships.


A few days ago I had a visitor who, hiding behind
anonymous, left me a nasty comment about
a fellow blogger whom I consider to be a friend.
The comment was hurtful, used language I don't
use, and even managed to have racism in it.

I will not tolerate this on MY BLOG.

First and foremost, this is my FAMILY blog. It is personally
insulting to me that anyone would comment on a post
that was very special to me in a way that is meant
to hurt someone. My family, and especially my children,
read this blog. No one will leave nasty or inappropriate
comments here. They will be deleted immediately, and
the commenter will be blocked.

Second, the person who was insulted is a friend.
I don't know her personal business because it is just that-
Anything she is doing or has done in her life that may
(or may not)
be the right thing to do is between her and God.


Especially if you don't buck up and admit who you are.
Hiding behind anonymous is just cowardly.

It is not for me or you to judge, and by you doing so,
I think you are just as much in the wrong as anything
(you think) she might be doing.

Grow up. We're not in high school anymore.
Get over it. Let her live her life and you live yours.
If she is not hurting you personally, move on.
If she is, tell her so-openly so that she knows who you are-
and deal with it.

Know that you and your nasty comments are
not welcome here.

For now I am not turning off my anonymous comments.
I have had some very nice people comment using the
anonymous feature, and I don't want to block that.
But I will.



{Kimber} said...


you are a sweet friend and a kind Godly woman who inspires me to become better at both...thanks for being you!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow...that is crazy when people use other people's blogs for ulterior motives. I think you handled that well Jen!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Good grief! I can't believe someone jumped over to your blog to comment about someone else's! I think it just shows that you are a good friend and that annonymous thought they could get to the other person through your blog! I think you did the right thing standing up for yourself and your blog:)

Foursons said...

Good for you! I can't stand when people start HS drama like that.

I've been thinking about y'all a lot lately. How is your Father-in-law doing? How are y'all doing?

Mama4Real said...

What in the WORLD? That's the dumbest thing I've heard of... coming here to vent about someone else?!?!? Ummmm????? Wow. That's low.

Stupid thing is now I'm totally curious about the whole thing. Grrr.

Mama4Real said...

oh, and, I wanted you to know, I was in the middle of replying to your comment on my highschool blog when the message got deleted, and then I didn't have time to start over, had to go pick up the hubs from work. I will though!

christy rose said...

I think you handled that bearutifully Jen!

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