Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jump Start Review and Giveaway!

I am excited to be able to review and blog about
JumpStart! Both my older girls played JumpStart
when they were little on CD-ROM and LOVED it!

Let me give you a bit of background-we are a game
playing family. We play everything; board games,
card games, computer games, Nintendo games, and
everyone's new favorite is our Wii. I knew there wouldn't
be any trouble getting into the JumpStart world again!

I let Jacob play and he was excited because I don't
usually let him use my laptop, so it was double
fun! He jumped right in with both feet!!

I think that even with all the great games, his
absolute favorite thing to do was create his own
character. He loved making a person that looked
like him and then dressing himself up! I didn't
think we'd ever get beyond that step.
This is the Jumpee Builder (not Jacob's, obviously!)

Jumpee Builder
They get to pick a silly name:
Jacob's character's name is Jacob Lavacomet!
Too funny!

His favorite place to play was Storyland. He loved
the Learning House. And with him going to Kindergarten
this year, I loved it too! He also enjoyed the dressing tent,
the Library, and the Slide!

Story Land
There is a 'Ghost Town' and he wouldn't even
go in there. He's a bit of a 'fraidycat. :)

I also love that they have parent's areas and a blog
that has family fun suggestions such as craft
ideas and science projects disguised as games!

I think it's a great program, and Jacob really did
love playing it. It is fairly easy for the little ones
to navigate once they do it a few times.

One thing that I think is a pro and con is that it
has SO many areas to explore and games to play
that it might be a bit overwhelming.
Jacob kept going back and doing the same stuff
over and over and I wondered if it was because
there was just too much to choose from!
Like I said, though, that's a good thing too-the
kids can do lots of things and not get bored.

Now for the good stuff-A Giveaway!!

JumpStart has graciously offered a three month
subscription to a lucky reader!
All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell
me who would get to play JumpStart at your house!
Want more chances? Follow me and leave another
comment for another entry. Blog about my giveaway
and leave me another comment to let me know and
get one more entry. Grab my button and leave...
Well, I think you know the drill. :)

The contest will be closed Friday morning, September
the 18th. I will let the wonderful random number
generator choose the lucky winner then annonuce
it shortly thereafter! Good luck!

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