Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just me and Syd...

Syd and I are in Jackson again, this time for
the All State choir festival. We'll be here till
Saturday. This is my first time away from my
babies for more than a night, and Paul's first
time taking care of them for this long-but he will
have help from his mom, so I'm not too worried.

Missing all my babies (the big ones too) already!

Things were a bit stressful when we got here because
our choir director was running late (as usual*) and
I wasn't sure we could check in, but not only were we
able to, the lady said they had my Marriott number
-which I didn't even know I had-
and they were bumping us up to a concierge room!!
Super cool-even though it's a pretty normal
looking room. Very nice, though, and clean. And the
bath stuff is Bath and Body Works which totally rocks! :)

*just a side note-YES, I am normally late. For everything.
But this guy...OMGosh, he makes me look super organized
and super punctual!! To be a teacher, he's NEVER prepared,
and always the last one to any choir function. Also, I just
wanted to point out (because it's my blog and I can)
that we managed to leave early this morning.
Yep. EARLY! Yay me!
We left before our scheduled time. Maybe a first.

But then, as a super bonus, when our director got here, he
informed me that the choir boosters voted to pay our
entire trip, including meals! Whoo-hoo!!! Praise the Lord!!
Now I can afford the $12.95 per 24hrs on internet I'm
having to pay to type this!!

I'm so in my element here. I think I had more fun at the first
rehearsal than Sydney did! I was just wishing I had the music
so I could sing along! I'm a total choir nerd! :) I miss all this.
Anyway, I'll be on here as time allows. They've got us
on a pretty tight schedule, but after this evening they
aren't allowing parents into rehearsals so I'll have some free
time here and there. Hope everyone had a great
weekend! I know I am!
P.S. If you're wondering about the title...(it's one thing
on the dashboard and something else when you open
it) 3 words...complete user error. :/