Friday, April 23, 2010

Ok, let's try that again...

So that last post was a total flub.


I hit 'enter' when I meant to hit 'tab.'

Thus, the postless post was born.

The 'hahahaha' was not becuase there was nothing

in the post. I promise.

I was laughing at the fact that so many of you guessed
that we are adding on because I'm pregnant.

Because I'm NOT.


We ARE adding on...everyone got that part right. We are
a family of 7 living in a 3Br/2Ba house, and things are just tight!

Paul, Emmie, and I share the master, Jacob and Noah share a room,
and Ashton and Sydney share a room.

We are adding 2 bedrooms and a full bath in the unused part of the
attic. We already have a big 'media' room up there.

Ashton and Sydney will have their own (small) rooms, and a (small)
bathroom to share among themselves and with anyone in the
upstairs room who needs to use the facilities but doesn't want
to walk back down the stairs. (read: everyone)

Jacob and Noah will continue to share their room, and Emmie will get
the room Ashton and Sydney share. She may have to share it
one day as well.

As far as me being PG, like I said before, I'm NOT. But we are
going to Disney in a month (a month EXACTLY, as a matter of fact)
and for the first time since our honeymoon, we will have a room to
to ourselves!!



Let's just say we'd like to bring back a...shall we say...special...souvenir.


And if it doesn't happen then, we will continue trying.

I'll keep you posted on the upstairs building...and
I'll let you know something when I know something! :)



{Kimber} said...

well, IS a place of MAGIC {or so I've heard!!}

glad you're getting more room!!

christy rose said...

:) I thought it might have something to do with getting Emmy out of your room. I know the feeling. Jacob just got out of our room a couple of months ago and it has been heaven ever since. For him and us. LOL

He & Me + 3 said...

You go girly. I want to see pictures.

Konnie said...

OH MY LORD! Now every morning when we get to the park I am going to know that y'all were doing things before you came to the park! lol!
Well at least Paul will be a happy camper on vacation! But Shhhh! Please don't let Paul tell Isaac that he is getting to have fun every night after we leave the park. ;)lol!

Foursons said...

Good luck! That is a huge renovation you are doing.

Enjoy Disney. *ahem* Bwahahahahaha

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh, Mimi's comment just cracked me up! Hahahahaha

She wants to see pictures of the renovation, not the other thing. Bwhaaahahahahaha

Crystal Roberts said...

Nice to meet you, I found your blog on CSAHM, really enjoyed this post, and what caught my eye was that you have 5 children, I do as well, 3 boys and 2 girls and we are open to more as well. I will be checking in again, you have a lovely blog!