Friday, July 16, 2010

Waiting for Michael...

The concert was amazing-as usual, Michael didn't disappoint!

This was only our 3rd time to see him! :)

Our 'romantic' night out turned out a little less than romantic.
I forget how stressful it can be to NOT know exactly where
you're going in NOLA-I guess that since I've been sick,
I wasn't in my right brain...I didn't use mapquest to
make sure I knew where the Arena was,
and I didn't make dinner plans.
We were running just a bit later than we wanted, so we
called and had Ashton do mapquest for us, and after
driving to the Arena first to make sure I was certain
of where it was, (I had no idea it was part of the SuperDome)
we set off toward Canal to find some grub.

Ever been to NOLA and tried to drive much? It's a city of one way
streets, it's definitely much better walking, and we just didn't have time
to find a parking place, walk somewhere to eat,
and make it back before the show started.

So I dropped Paul off at the corner McDonald's and circled the block
5 times before picking him up on the same corner. We drove back to
the Arena and ate our McD's in the parking garage.

Yeah, I know, every girl's dream, right?
SOOOOO romantic!!
{insert sarcasm. LOTS of sarcasm.}

It was really funny, though, even then, and with the free
tickets and the cheap meal, we've been
joking about our cheap date ever since.

I'd do it again just to spend time with my honey.

Oh, and Paul too.




Crystal Roberts said...

Wow, what chaos, probably even in the midst of it all you knew it would be worth it! We have eaten in the car many times on dates : ) Loved your post.

Mama4Real said...

HA. you're funny :) Your hair is so long! I don't know if it's normal or not, the only pic I remember of you is w/ super short hair.

He & Me + 3 said...

You are too funny. Glad you and the "boys" had such a great night :) Yum to McDonalds. LOL
We had many of dates in our car. :) It is more quiet than a restaurant. :)

Vmommyx4 said...

Love your post! Been on a few cheap dates with my Paul.

I read your interest and laughed out loud "not cleanin my house" hilarious. I have always said about cooking "why dirty a clean kitchen?" Thanks for the laugh.

{Kimber} said...

NOLA is terrible to drive in!!! ugh I hate it for sure...
so funny y'all ate McD's :)