Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordy Wednesday...

I'm so far behind I think I'm about to lap myself!!
I'm here, and I'm thankful for those of you who are
still here too!!

Here's a brief rundown/catch up. We...

Celebrated our 14 year anniversary!!

Spent two weeks in Disney...had a fantastic time-BUT-
found out that my two littles can be crazy stressful when
naps exit the scene and are replaced by long,
miserably hot days.

I got the sickest I think I've ever been with strep throat
just days after we got back from Disney. For the first time
in our marriage, Paul had to stay home from work to take care
of me and the kids. I spent a full 48 hours closed up in our upstairs
room with no contact with the kids-approx 16 straight hours
of that time were spent unconscious-lots of fever and meds.
I don't remember most of that week.

Had a second and a sixth birthday!
(well, they weren't MINE, of course, but you know)

Had some dramatic GARBAGE go on with some friends and
some people that I thought were friends. I'm not gonna
name any names, but one of the gossip/drama causers
is a pretty popular blogger around here...
and a (former?) IRL friend.
I am saddened to find out that she is NOT the person
I thought she was...or who she pretends to be.

Found out we do not have a special souvenir in the making.
A little disappointed about that, but
we'll keep working on it! ;)

Work on the upstairs addition has come to a temporary halt...
it's very hard to work in the non-air-conditioned attic when the
temps up there get close to 130 degrees cause it's so stinkin hot here!

I lost a friend to an overdose. It was unbelievably hard for me to
wrap my mind around. And just hard. Very hard.

Emmie has been running fever since last Wednesday. I took her
to the Dr. Friday just because I wanted her seen before the holiday
so if she needed meds she could get on them and we could go about
our weekend. The Dr. told me what I already was viral.
But said if she was still running fever Sunday or Monday to bring
her back. I hate that. Really? You will be able to do something with
her virus then that you can't do now??

Anyway, by Monday she was still running
fever, but had a new symptom...her gums were swollen and bleeding.
This worried me a bit and after looking into her mouth, I thought
her front teeth looked funny, so I made her another appt. Paul wanted
me to take her to the dentist instead, and I tried to get her an appt
there, but with no luck. I loaded her up for her Dr's appt knowing that
I just needed to hear what the problem was...I'm not a worrier, but I
felt that there was more to her symptoms than just her teeth and fever.

The Dr. looked in her mouth for all of one second and said she has a
severe herpes infection all in her mouth. (the herpes that causes cold sores,
NOT the other kind!!) Ashton and Paul get them all the time, and
Ashton has had one for almost 2 weeks by this time, so I knew where
Emmie got it from. I was relieved to know what was wrong,
but surprised by the severity of Emmie's symptoms.
Apparently babies get it BAD.
Of course, it's still a virus, so the Dr. said there isn't anything we
can do but wait it out. Thankfully she is some better now, I have to
cut her food into tiny bites, and her gums still bleed, but the fever is
mostly gone and she's finally eating!!
She lost 2lbs from Friday to Monday from not eating. She's too tiny as
is it...she didn't need to lose weight!

And now I have my first ever cold sore. Thanks, E.
I had NO IDEA how miserable they are.
I can't even imagine what my poor baby has been through the
last week! I have since found out that a dentist WILL prescribe
meds for it that shortens the duration, and that makes me a little
angry with her pedi, but by the time we went in Monday she was on
the downhill slope, and from what I've read the meds work best if
you catch the virus in the beginning stages.
Next time it's not supposed to be nearly as bad.

We saw Toy Story 3.
I cried.

If I don't see Eclipse soon, I may cry again.

Still here?? LOL...sorry that was so long!! I'm going to try to get
back into the swing of blogging, and in the process also type up and
post-date some back posts. I've missed A LOT that I need to
post about. If you don't want to do all the catch-up posts, I'll
understand. But this blog is also my scrapbook/family record thingy,
so I feel the need to update all the stuff I missed.

It feels good to be back! :)



{Kimber} said...

see Eclipse lady...I mean it's NOT like you have ANYTHING else going one hehe :)

sorry you have been sick and then now a fever blister on top of that--yuck!!
glad your "back" missed you
and happy anniversary

Crystal Roberts said...

Sorry to read this post, you have been having a really rough time! I really hope everyone feels better and thinks get back to normal for you soon! Enjoy your blog and getting to know you a little on FB. Not sure if you have even noticed : ) Keep your chin up!!!

Konnie said...

We are good girl!!! We both managed to post on our blogs in the last 24 hours. Maybe this is a sign that things are going to start looking up. ;)
Once again I want you to know how much we love y'all and appreciate your prayers during the last 4 weeks of junk. And also thank you for being there for me to call at midnight and for talking with me until 4 in the morning while you were sick with Strep!
I love you!

Mama4Real said...

My hubs gets fever blisters, he uses Abreva, which I think you can just buy, and it works fantastically. Even Herpecin works pretty good.

Haven't seen Eclipse yet either, and I was supposed to see it opening night! Mommy fail. Or Twilight Fail. or something.

I want to hear about Disney!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow girly that is alot of stuff going on. All the sickness does not sound fun at all. I hope that everyone is healthy and stays that way.
Happy Late Anniversary and I would love to see pictures from Disney. How fun.
Glad you are back!