Thursday, March 3, 2011




Wow...time flies...and somehow manages to drag
all at the same time. I told Paul the other night that
this has been the longest pregnancy on record. At least
that's how it feels to me! At the same time, I don't think
we're quite ready for her to be here know...since
she still doesn't have a name and all. Poor kid.

{any suggestions welcomed}

On the bright side, the girls rooms upstairs are almost
finished-we're hoping to move them in this weekend.
I'll have to post pics when they are done.

Then we just have to put Noah in the twin bed with his and
Jacob's new bedding, and get Emmie settled into the toddler
bed in the girl's old room after we move them out and get it
all cleaned up, and get the baby stuff out and
ready for the baby...

Phew...did I say we weren't quite ready yet??

In other baby news, I'm roughly the size of a whale.
Really, I've never been this big, I don't think, and the
funny part is I'm ALL BABY. So I look sort of like a stick
bug that swallowed an olive.

Yeah, I'll give you a minute to process that one...

She's very active, and I'm very awkward. And tired.
And very pregnant. I'm not complaining too much, though.
I DO love being pregnant, and I am crazy excited to meet
the newest member of our brood, so the aches and pains,
and distorted body image are very much worth it. :)

Wanna know what I'm most curious about with this one??
All the girls in our house-including me-have blue eyes.
All the boys in our house-including Paul-have brown eyes.
Will this baby follow the pattern?? This is one of my favorite
parts of having a new baby...who will she look like, whose
temperament will she have, will she follow the unusual
gender-eye-color pattern thing we have going on??

As of now, we are scheduled for a repeat c-section on
March 24th. I'm none too happy about the section...I hate
them...but after the mild scare with Emmie, I'm just doing
what I feel is safest for the baby. Although my OB did say
that if I went into labor on my own before that and things
progressed quickly and smoothly (they never have in the past)
that we could try the v-bac again. In his words, 'You HAVE
had more vaginal births than c-sections at this point, and
it stands to reason that you could do it again.'

I had a successful v-bac with Noah, and then things got a
little scary with Emmie near the end, and I made the call to
just do the section for her safety. I would LOVE to have
another v-bac, but we'll just have to see. I'm praying
about it, and I'll do whatever I feel God is leading us to
do when the time comes.

If you're still out there, thanks! :)

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Mama4Real said...

Did the world stop spinning? Hell freeze over? I can't believe I am here, reading a NEW blog from you, (Christmas theme and all... he he he.), and that you are about to HAVE A BABY. Oh wow. I'm pretty sure a pig just flew by my window ;)