Tuesday, April 5, 2011

'take another little piece of my heart now, baby...'

Sorry I haven't posted, but I've been kinda busy...

This is the belly shot the night before she was born.
Wow. ALL baby, right??

Meet the baby inside...

Aubrey Alaina Waltman
March 24, 2011
8lbs 6oz, 21.5in long

My first time to hold her...
Napping together...

Sweet baby girl.

Look at those cheeks!! :)

Proud Daddy.

Papa love.

Going home.

Tiny toes.



Paul took the last few pics...aren't they beautiful? The lighting in
our hospital room was great, in case you didn't notice...all the pics
we took there turned out really great, lighting wise.

We've been home since last Saturday, and doing well. She's a sweet
baby, and all the kids just love her (so far ;) I will have to post pics
of the other kids with her later.

We came up with her first name the night before, and even with that,
her middle name was undecided until after she was born. Aubrey is
a name that means worlds to me-it was my Grandfather's name-but
I have a cousin with a little girl named Aubrey. After a lot of debate,
and a few phone calls, I discovered that my cousin had another reason
to call her daughter Aubrey, and they live in California,
so Paul and I decided to go with it. I originally wanted to name
Emmie that, but my cousin's little girl was born first. I love it,
but have trouble not accidentally calling her Emmie!! LOL!! :)

Anyway, I was thinking as I saw her for the first time how crazy it
is that no matter how many children we have, I still have the same
feelings of awe...of pure, unconditional love. I know sometimes that
when we have the first we can't imagine how we could ever love
another child as much...but then the second comes along and it's just
like, oh, ok, that's how that works!! And it's been like that each time.
I've been trying to figure out how to explain it, and instead of thinking
that each child is taking up space inside our hearts, eventually
crowding each other, either God made our hearts to grow with each
one or He gave us just the right amount of chambers to hold each
child He intends to give us. I am still amazed. And in love with
each one. Thank you, God...my cup overflows.

Gotta go...feeding time!! :)


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Mama4Real said...

Congrats mama! She is beautiful! :)