Thursday, January 29, 2009

They grow so fast!

After dwelling so much on Ashton's birthday yesterday, I realized that all the kids have a 'big' number birthday this year. Noah turned 2 less than two weeks ago. I'm not too worried about the terrible twos though, he is actually more well behaved now than he was at 18 months. He is sweet and gentle when he wants, and all rough and tumble boy otherwise. He skin is amazingly soft, and snuggling with him is so special. Of course, Ash turned 12 yesterday, and I think 12 is like the last birthday of childhood...after that, you are officially a teen. She is truly my '13 going on 30' even though she's not officially 13 yet. Sad for me, exciting for her. The next birthday is Emmie's (in June) and she will be the big 1! She is already to big for my poor tired brain to comprehend. She is saying ma-ma-ma (the only one to say mama first!!), and crawling now, and it seems like everytime I look at her she's doing something new. After that is Jacob (also June) who will be 5 and going to kindergarten. He is smart and funny, and still totally a momma's boy. He has the darkest, deepest brown eyes I've ever seen. He manages to be brave and daring and scared and timid all at the same time-it's very endearing. Last will be Sydney, (in Aug) and she will be 10. The first of the double digit birthdays. She is such a gentle soul...she's the one who is appalled at all things bad or mean, and believes everyone to really be nice. She's a very gentle soul, and wears her feelings on her sleeve-and gets them hurt easily! She's smart and very goofy. Very much the drama queen and actress. It amazes me that they all came from me and Paul, yet they are so very different...from Paul, and from me, and from each other. But then I see a glimpse of similarity here and there. I love seeing their personalities, and watching the people they are growing into-even as my heart breaks to watch them grow so quickly. One can never express how quickly the time flies. Love them hard and love them unconditionally. They are only given to us for a time...

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