Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Single mom time again...

Watching Paul get ready to leave makes me so sad...even though he's only going to be gone 2 (maybe3) days. I'm a bit conflicted-dealing with the emptiness without him, and the stress of suddenly being a single mom for a few days-it weighs heavy. It may sound silly to those whose husbands are frequently gone, but mine is NOT! We've been 'pnj' for almost half my life now, and we are pretty inseperable. Other than that, it's been a wierd week, unusually stressful, we have Sydney's pageant this weekend, and there's the possiblity that Paul might not be home for it, and all the kids have runny/stuffy noses and some are starting to complain of a sore throat. (that was a GREAT runon sentence!) And it's going to be COLD!! ARG!! What a time for him to be gone! I may just keep everyone in the next few days!! :) JK. I'm sorry-I'm whining. I am excited about the pageant, and Syd is too. Mary is going to fix her hair for her, and put a little makeup on her, and she is just giddy. This weekend was good for the most part-we ate out with Konnie and Isaac a few times. That was fun...we haven't done that in a while. Saturday I learned what it means when people way that teenagers are embarassed by their parents. Ashton showed her behind-so to speak-and really upset me. Paul was just joking with her around her friends, and she totally lost it. I've never been quite so frustrated, or hurt, by her. I'm getting over it, but she never apologized, and that makes it hard. She and Paul talked it out, and things are good with them, but she and I haven't talked about it yet, and I find myself unintentionally being sharp with her over things that wouldn't normally bother me. Anyway, I guess I need to bring it up and clear the air. I'm praying for grace and understanding through her teen years-if this weekend were any indication, I'm gonna need it!!

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