Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to life as usual

Paul's home again, so things are slowly returning to normal. The week was fine until Saturday and then I thought I'd lose my mind! Sydney was in the EC pageant Saturday night, and her dress was being altered. I got the call Saturday morning that I thought would be telling me to come pick it up, but instead I was told that the dress couldn't be fixed!! So, we went into 'when the going gets tough...etc,' mode. Konnie had 3 different pageant dresses here for her to try on by 11:00-I was blown away by how quickly she pulled things together for me. Thanks, Konnie! Unfortunantly none of those fit, so we ran to Amelia's and after trying about 15 different dresses on, we finally found one. Things worked out fine, and Paul actually made it in time to see the pageant! Mary did her hair and makeup, and she looked beautiful!


Kelli said...

She looks so pretty!! I didn't even know she was in the pageant. Actually I didn't even realize the pageant was last weekend until somebody mentioned it at church Sunday night!! I guess I can blame that on having only boys and being out of town for a week!

Konnie said...

I had alot of fun picking out pageant dresses with you and the girls, Let me know if you need any help with Ashton's dress for the Pageant. Syd was so pretty in her dress she looked like a little a Cinderella.