Thursday, February 19, 2009

(Non-stop) Conversation with a 2 year old...

~Conversing with Noah~

Ok, so Noah has been jabbering since he was about 4 months old. By the time he turned 1, we realized that he had his own little language going on, and no one but him understood most of it. There were a few things that were consistant enough to understand, like baba for Mama, and dada for...passy! LOL. He always called Paul Daddy, and it was really the only thing he said clearly! Lately, though, his language has quickly come into sharp focus, and most things he says are perfectly understandable (many things still aren't, and I have to be paying more attention to what he's looking at or pointing to to catch what he means!) However proud we are of this wonderful milestone, it comes with a minor that he knows we understand him, he NEVER STOPS TALKING!! I'm not kidding-NEVER! On top of that, every sentence ends with the word Mama! Here is an example of a conversation we have almost every morning after dropping my oldest girls off at school;

Noah: Whea Ashna(Ashton) go, Mama?

Me: Ashton went to school, Noah.

Noah: Ashna go stool, Mama?

Me: Yes, Noah. Ashton went to school.

Noah: Whea Ninny(Sydney) go, Mama?

Me: Sydney went to school, Noah.

Noah: Ninny go stool, Mama?

Me: Yes, honey. Sydney went to school.

Noah: Wash moobie (watch movie) Mama?

Me: Yes, we can watch a movie when we get to Jacob and Steven's school.

Noah: Moobie-Dayta-Teewen-stool, (movie Jacob Steven school) Mama? (I don't know why he has to run these together, but he gets the crucial words across)

Me: (sigh) Yes, Noah. Movie and Jacob and Steven's school.

There is actually more...and it happens almost everyday! I suppose the ritual is comforting to him, or something like that. It's really funny, and really sweet. All of us love to think of words to get him to try to say. Our favorite is "Oh, fwayfways!!" which is "Oh, gracious! There are days, I must admit, when I beg him to say Daddy at the end of all his sentences, but it never happens. And in a little funny note, his new favorite thing to do is strip down and run around naked! Very cute in the bday suit!!
Emmie fell hard today for the first time since beginning to pull up. She actually hit the corner of the table in the living room, but she is fine. The worst part about her pulling up is when she wakes up at 2:30am and decides to pull up, because I then have to come rescue her-she can get up, but not back down. It would be funnier if I weren't so tired from it!! I am still very amazed at how quickly she is progressing!

Funny kid quote of the day:
Paul and I were discussing the dry beans we were planning to cook, and the ham hocks we were going to put in them. From across the room, Ash yelled, "GROSS!" We both turned to see what was gross and she said, "Why would you put pig lugies in the beans?!"


He And Me + 3 said...

I love my nonstop conversation with my 3 year old. Holy moly...he just calls my name when he has nothing else to say. LOL
I feel your pain somedays...somedays we just need some quiet. LOL

Konnie said...

Why do they not say Daddy, I mean really, Isaac and I can be sitting right beside each other and they will come running, screaming MAMA!!! LOL.
But I guess i do sit around most of the day telling Easton, can you say MAMA!
and I guess i probably did the same with the big boys too. LOL!