Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday-vacation style!!

Welcome to "Not Me" Monday-
Where we get to admit deny
all the not-so-fantastic things we
didn't do this week. Cause, you know,
we'd never admit the things we actually did.
Brought to you by MckMama.
Hop on over and read what she and
all the other moms have not done this week!
We did not take a vacation to Atlanta this week!
It was not a 4 day church trip that we just extended
to make a full 7 day vacation! I would never insist on
stopping by here

along the way, because it is not my ALL TIME FAVORITE
nut place! And I don't mean the padded wall kind of nut place either!
I'm talking PECANS! OMGosh. And I have not totally eaten a whole
bag of my favorite kind-honey glazed-in a week!!
Cause I'm totally not that gluttonous!
(well, I might have shared some)
(And I might share some with one of YOU
when I hit my 100th post in a day or two-just sayin!)
I didn't mildly freak out when I looked up and saw THIS

out the front windshield!! (Thankfully, I wasn't driving!) Once
I realized there wasn't any danger , I didn't immediately grab
my camera with this exact post in mind!!
My two little ones did not wake up every morning of
vacation by 6 AM. Since Paul got up around that time anyway,
I seriously didn't put them both in the bed with me
in the hopes of getting more sleep-and, as evidenced by
this pic I was able to snap by playing the ISO setting
on my camera (thanks, MckMama and Brittany!) it didn't

I was not then able to catch a few more hours sleep.
It was so not wonderful.
We didn't spend an entire day in the Six Flags White
Water Park. I do not have a one year old who HATES
water. It didn't take hours for me to convince her
to just STAND ON THE GROUND! Finally, she didn't
let me set her down, and she didn't run around
waving and grinning at everyone. But she would have
never still freaked out EVERY time water touched her!

She didn't look totally cute in her bathing suit, and got no
comments at all from passing strangers about it.
And in one of the unfunniest moments of the week,
Paul and I took this pic
in which I am absoutely not wearing Emmie's bow in my
hair-cause that would be just silly-and I would
never post a pic if I did. This is not one of mine and Paul's
favorite characters, and as we were walking away, Jacob
did not ask, "Momma, why is his name 'Popcorn Leghorn?'"
Nope, my kids know their Looney Tunes better
than that!!
Anyway, sorry this is so late!!


He & Me + 3 said...

What fun pictures. Emmie did look precious in her suit. Too cute. Like the flag shirts too. That truck totally coming at you had me fooled...I had to look twice torealize it was being towed. Crazy.
those nuts sound delish too.

E @ Scottsville said...

I love the Popcorn Leghorn picture. How funny!!!

And way to rock that baby-bow! You wore it well!!!

Tracy said...

I sounds like ya'll had a great vacation. Emmie was too cute in her swim suit!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! That truck would have totally freaked me out too! And Emmie looks so cute in her little polka dot bathing suit!

Lani said...

Sounds like a great trip:)

christy rose said...

Great Pictures! I loved the bow in your hair! :) It looks like you had a blast a six flags!

Foursons said...

It took me a few minutes of staring at the head-on collision to realize why you were taking a photo right before certain death.

Konnie said...

Glad y'all had a blast in Atlanta. Emmie did look really cute in her polka dot suit.

{Kimber} said...

you and hubs look so adorable!!! {even with the chicken}
that polka dot suit is so cute!! she is rockin' it!

do you mean Midnight Sun--the one from Edward's point of view? to my understanding it is only one chapter on her website--at least for now...she is supposed to be writing the rest...unless you mean something else I don't know???????????? :)