Thursday, August 13, 2009

'Stepping' out of my comfort zone...

My poor toes used to be so boring!
This was my color palate. All pinks-with a red thrown in
for good measure.

I have bought these for the girls over the past 6 months or so.
I was certain that I would never use any of these-
well, except the pink.

Then I won this over at Kimber's. Even when I entered the
contest for it, I was thinking, "Gray??" But I won and she sent it
to me. When it arrived, Paul said, "Gray??" And I decided to
give it a try. I messed up and painted my nails with it. It frightened
the kids, and I definitely heard Paul mutter something about
the Cryptkeeper. In their defense, I quite possibly have the
longest, skinniest, whitest hands in the world. So these reactions
may have been appropriate. But still, I kind of liked the
different color-just not on my fingernails (I don't really like
my fingernails painted at all.)

So I did this! This has been my color for the past two weeks.
I'm a shameless paint-overer. I continue to paint over chipped
and outgrown color until I finally stop being lazy and take it off.
In the words of Julie:
Don't judge me!

And then today, I found THESE!!
I usually hesitate to buy fingernail polish because it's kind of expensive,
but not these!
They were FABULOUS colors and they were CHEAP!
(With the exception of the Sally Hansen, but that was
the only way I could get a pretty green and Syd loves green)
Walgreens sells this brand for $1.99-and the were
on sale-buy one get one FREE!!
I couldn't pass them up!

Thanks to Kimber for introducing my life to some color.
Even if it was...well...gray! :)



{Kimber} said...

AWWWW...I know, I know...GREY???
I am pasty too girl and I think that makes it look even more fab!! :) {next time you use it take a pic for me!! }
I ♥ the purple...and I am so checking out those at walgreens!!

{Kimber} said...

grey nail polish is the "new" thing cryptkeeper!!! bahhwaaaaahhha

{Kimber} said...

and to futher the fact that I AM in the know of what's hip...please visit this:

Foursons said...

Thanks for the shout out! And love the colors. I too paint over and over and never take off the first layer. So much easier!

Mandy T said...

I recently bought a bright blue and I love it. Kelli makes fun of me though and calls them my "hooker toes" lol! I like bright colors on my toes especially in the summer time

Tracy said...

You go girl!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Love the purple toes. That is the color I am going for next pedi. Love all the new colors you bought. Great deal too.

Konnie said...

That is the purple you have been wearing to bellydance. Hey when we get our new skirts for class we will have to color match our toes. I love bright colors on my toes, I also have the same problem with painting my fingernails, my fingers are to skinny.

christy rose said...

You bellydance? Whoo Hooo!
You have very pretty feet and I love the purple on your toes.

Jersey Girl in Louisiana said...

im gonna have to check my local walgreens. i havent painted my nails in..haha probably 7 years.

i should at least do my toes!

love your blog!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I'm still laughing about you being called the Cryptkeeper with your skinny white fingers and gray polish. Too funny!

You're so brave to try color! My palette is also mainly pinks. Maybe I'll have to spice it up a little. But you're right...maybe not gray. ;)

BTW, you have a great way of keeping your readers entertained with your writing!