Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday! Get fit style!!

Welcome to Not Me Monday!
Free therapy sessions held by
Read on and then hop on over to see what
she and all the other moms have not done this week!

I have not been putting on weight lately. This
is supposed to be helpful to me, and it has totally not become
a weakness! I didn't take the advice on the back of the box too
far-in my defense, though, it IS there in big bold print, see??

You know you're not doing something right when you go back
for seconds on your Special K. But I wouldn't know anything
about that, ya know, cause I've never done it!
Not Me!!

In an attempt to curb my ever growning waistline, I would never
go so far as to join a place like this:

unless, of course, my MIL volunteered to keep my little ones
so that I could. Not that I would. I'm just sayin.

Armed with the knowledge that last week was my last 'free' week,
I seriously did not gorge myself all week with every single yummy
thing I could think to stuff my face with, including, but not limiting
myself to my favorites from Chili's and Olive Garden! I would never
act like a pig out of mild desperation because I knew the end of all good
food was coming. And I obviously don't have a negative attitude
towards diet and exercise. I will not have to work harder on that!

On a different note, Paul did not finally get his stitches out on
Thursday. The Dr did not give him the all clear to go back to
work today, and after having him home with me for a month, I
do not miss him terribly! I do not sort of wish that we were
indepentently wealthy so that he could be home with me all
the time!

I did not do a post everyday this weekend-a first!!! And was
not slightly disappointed that hardly anyone read them!!
I am not shamelessly pushing the weekend posts on all of you
hoping that you will go back and read them!!! Cause I would
never be so pushy! :)

Now I have to go fix the little ones lunch and go nibble on some
grass or something. The remainder of my birthday
chocolate pie is not screaming my name from the inside of
the fridge. {sigh} I won't just have to ignore it!



Konnie said...

Wow! and to think i started to make you a caramel pie for a late birthday gift but now you can't have it. {or can you}? LOL!!!!
Let me know how Curves goes! I want to join a gym but would have a hard time trying to go with 3 kids. lol!!

Foursons said...

Did I comment on those? I'll have to go check. And that Special K cereal- there should be something illegal about that kind of bold print. I mean really!

E @ Scottsville said...

Yea, I"ve learned that weekend posts don't get a lot of visitors...which is sad because that's when I have all the 'fun' and post all the awesome shots. That is why I am NOT holding out on my beach pictures til TUESDAY (tomorrow) so they'll be SEEN!

Did you see my cheerleader pics? I shouldn't have posted them on a weekend either,huh? =0)

Great Not Mes!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I have two boxes of Special K in my cabinet right now...the strawberry and the blueberry! Even though it is calories, it's better than eating a candy bar or cake! I hope you have fun at Curves. I'm with Konnie though...I would never be able to go all the time with my kiddos!

{Kimber} said...

That cereal is yummy!!!! Don't worry I will be a comment posting blog reading fool as soon as I get home back to my computer :) this comment is brought to u by iZzie Bella {who has not had much if any signal in the mountains}

christy rose said...

I read them. I commented. I am sorry it was today though! For some reason, I did not get notified of your posts until today. My reader for your feed must be slow or something. But I did love them. And I loved today's too. You answered one of my questions on a comment I wrote about Paul in this post. Thanks. BTW, You look great!

He & Me + 3 said...

Never had that cereal..but it looks good. I think I commented on your weekend posts but I will for sure go check...on my own free will without pressure...of course.:)

Michelle said...

Ha! I started Jenny Craig this week and went a bit crazy on my pre-diet diet!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Summers can be so detrimental to the waistline!! I think it's that carefree attitude. I need to get motivated to get back on track with losing weight...I was doing so well for awhile!

OK, so I have officially caught up! Did you get bombarded by a whole slew of e-mails from me? Enjoyed reading your blog posts...I really shouldn't wait so long to get caught up. ;)

momstheword said...

I love my Special K cereal so much that I did a whole post about it once!

How nice of your MIL to keep your kids so you can go work out, what a sweetie!

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