Monday, August 3, 2009

Not Me Monday! She Works Hard For The Money style!

Welcome to Not Me Monday!

Created by MckMama as a way for all us
royally messed up perfect moms
to share our seriously whacked out perfect week.
Hop on over to MckMama's blog and see what she and
all the other moms have not been doing this week.

Ok, so this totally happened a few weeks ago-I'm not just now
catching up! As a doting mom, I am never unaware of any
of my children's whereabouts. And as such, my youngest two
are not left alone in the living room for short periods
of time while the rest of us congregate in the kitchen.
Noah is able to open doors, for the most part, but usually just
doesn't, so it's usually not a problem-we just keep the
doors shut.

This particular evening, however, when Jacob went
back into the living room, he did not call out,
"Momma, Emmie's crying, but I can't see her."
We did not all fly into the living room only to
find that he was indeed telling the truth! There was
crying, along with banging, but the crying baby was nowhere
in sight! We quickly realized the crying was coming from my
room and all rushed in there to discover my bathroom door
shut with the crying banging baby on the other side.
Only it wasn't Emmie, it was Noah! We opened and
they were both in there playing with soap and Noah had
gotten some in his eyes. Ashton scooped Noah up and ran
him to the other bathroom to flush his eyes out while I grabbed
Emmie who was making a frantic b-line for the toilet-giggling
madly all the way. I washed her up and thankfully they were
both fine. And that's where the story ends.


The next day I went in and used the bathroom, flushed
and went on about my day. Later in the day I went
back again and saw that there was toilet paper in there-
curious, cause the kids don't use my potty unless there
is someone already using theirs, but it does happen,
and they are notorious for not flushing, so I didn't really
think too much about it. I pottied and flushed, but this time
I was in the bathroom long enough to watch in horror as
the toilet began to back up. Thankfully it stopped at the rim
without spilling over!! After a minute of thinking,
I realized what had probably happened. Emmie happened.
That's why she was running to the toilet with the soap in
her hands-she had certainly already thrown something in there
and was on her way to throw the soap in!

I called Paul and told him. His idea? For me to reach my hand in and
see if I could pull anything out. WHAT?? OMGosh. 'Your hands
are smaller than mine anyway,' he said. UGH. Whatever.
So I tried and couldn't find anything.
~Word to the wise-if you ever have to stick your hand in a toilet
use a bowl or something to scoop most of the water out first!!~
The next day Paul pulled the toilet up. Still couldn't find anything.
He took it outside and used something flexible (I honestly
don't know what) to run all the way through the p-trap (that's
what that little 's' curve on the toilet is called) and
THIS is what he pulled out!!

NO! We do not bring home LOTS of soap from Disney
World. Not us. Anyway, apparently they were
in the bathroom quite a while.
Or would have been-you know-if that story were true.
Which it totally isn't.

Then, because my hubby went and tried to de-thumb
himself the next day, guess who had to put the toilet back down??
Nope, not me!!
Plumber's crack and all. Hehe. Just kidding.
And totally forgot to take pictures. Darn.

This is what I have actually not been doing this
past week or 2-thanks again to the above mentioned
de-thumbing attempt.

1. Wiping every butt.
2. Giving every bath-including helping Paul
who can't get his stitches wet.
(Lucky for him he can wipe his own butt left handed)
3. Brushing the teeth.
4. Cooking every meal.
5. Cleaning up after said meals.
6. All housework-inside and out.

If you can think of it, I have not done it-by my self.
What? There's not a paycheck? Cause I've really been working
hard for the money this week. I guess I'll just have to
be happy with all the smiles, giggles,
hugs, kisses, and 'I love you's'.
Cause all that's not what I'm really here for anyway.
(Ok maybe it really is :)
Hope you enjoyed this week's therapy session.
I know I didn't.


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Oh no! I can't believe that was in your Toilet!!! ;) That is holey Moley Batman for sure!!!

Receiver will not start Kindergarten this year. I think an extra year will help him out dramatically so we are holding off!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I have been so fortunate to not have anything thrown down my toilet...yet. A few things have fallen in, but nothing thrown in on purpose. Yikes. that was a ton of fun stuff.
Your list for sure has you working hard for the money...

christy rose said...

We or should I say Aaron, not me , of course, have had to take our toilet apart at least 4 times since we started having kids. We usually find toys. Thank God Aaron's thumbs have always been intact. :)
You have been a real trooper these past couple weeks. Working hard that is for sure! I bet Paul is a good cheerleader though. :)

Mandy T said...

Lol, you lead a adventerous life! Call me if you need anything and Ill help as much as I can, esp since your OLDEST child has injured himself! lol

Foursons said...

Oh goodness. The things they'll flush. We pulled out a popsicle stick once that caused MAJOR problems.!

{Kimber} said...

aren't toilets just nasty?!
You are a good woman!
we have a vass assortment of soaps from our travels as well {that Mickey one is so cute}

E @ Scottsville said...
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E @ Scottsville said...

Oh wow..... that's one big GOBBIN' WAD of dental floss. How funny!

I just dare you to find a mommy who hasn't had to take the toilet off due to something flushed and stuck in there.

Ha ha ha

Great Not Me's, Jen!

Tracy said...

That was hilarious. I have not had to deal with anything flushed down the toilet yet. But if Delk is not here, I know who to call now. LOL!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe Emmie put all that in the toilet! Eli hasn't tried that yet...but he does LOVE to unroll the toliet paper!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Whew, girl! We have yet for that to happen around here, and I'm hoping that we'll be out of the clear since the kids are older now. Sorry to hear that you are doing it can get so tiring! I bet your husband feels a little bad that he can't help much out, but I know he appreciates all that you are doing to help him and the kids out while he's recovering! Thanks for therapy...I must admit it was pretty entertaining. ;)