Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back to Life...Back to Reality...

I haven't posted since Monday!
Sorry I've been seemingly out of touch.
I've been checking in most days, especially to check on
Stellan and Abby.
I've pretty well kept up with everyone's posts,
but I haven't been commenting.
Shame on me!
Sorry-I will catch up as much as I can.
The last two weeks have really flown by.
Probably because they are the last two weeks of
summer for us. The girls go back to school on Wednesday,
and Jacob will go one day the end of next week and
officially start the following Monday. This is
just a brief rundown of all we've been doing lately.
We have been shopping for all this:
This is Ashton's, Sydney's and Jacob's school stuff, respectively.
And I didn't even take a picture of the uniforms.
LOTS of money spent of school stuff!!
I did Emmie's hair in pigtails for the first time the other
day, and it was so cute I thought I'd share it!
This is Noah's favorite new thing to do. First he pulls all
the cushions off (both) couches and then he and Emmie
play on them. Emmie loves it because she can climb on all
by herself-she's getting VERY good at climbing these days!
Noah loves to bring things with him-like this diaper box, but
he has also gotten up there on top of a ride on car!!
We have also been test driving a 12 passenger van. (Of course, I'm
never without my camera...ahem...or I'd have pictures to show.)
I'm not entirely sold on the idea yet. But if we're going to keep
growing our family, we'll need a bigger vehicle eventually. I'm just
not happy with the options out there right now. We'll see how
it pans out.
These are some pics from Easton's birthday party.
Easton is my friend Konnie's little boy, and he's one
month and a day younger than Emmie. He had
a great time with his cake.
Here's Jacob getting in the pool.
Sydney's friend Carleigh and Sydney cheesing.
Noah having a blast. This was before he took a big poop in
his swim diaper. It leaked, of course, and we had to get everyone
off the waterslide. To make matters worse, he began picking
up the turds and throwing them out of the water! Nope, I'm not
kidding in the slightest. I was horrified. Thankfully, most everyone
had already left, and Konnie and Isaac were very good
sports about it!
Emmie and Easton in the bounce house/ballpit.
Emmie sitting on their doorstep blowing kisses.
I also have to say a very happy birthday to my honey.
Paul is 38 today.
I love you, baby.
Happy Birthday!!
And speaking of Paul, his hand is finally doing better after a
major setback. When we went to have the stitches taken
out, the doctor was appalled at how bad it still looked.
Apparently the ER docs didn't clean the wound properly and
things weren't healing at all. Thank God he didn't get an infection.
But the dr did have to reopen the wound and do minor
surgery on it in his office. (I could give details, but it's really TMI and
I don't want to gross anyone out!) It was basically like starting from
square one-only the pain was MUCH worse this time. My poor
baby sobbed all the way from the dr's office to the house
-freaking me and the children out completely-
and we had to call my cousin the pharmacist to find out
just how much pain medicine he could safely take to ease
the pain. It was truly awful. I felt so helpless! But he's better
now, and has been off pain meds since yesterday! Praise God!
Emmie's new word is 'cack'
cack=basically any 4 legged animal that remotely
resembles a cat. It's pretty funny!!
She also says 'cuck'
which is cup.
She also yells insanely loudly anytime she
wants your attention. Which is all the time.
A funny Noah story:
Just tonight at dinner, Noah wasn't eating well.
He had a handfull of rice and he kept saying,
"They my babies! I tan't eat my babies!"
We were all giggling because he was being so silly.
Just off the top of my head, I said,
"Noah, the rice wants to go to the party...
the party in your tummy!"
(If you've never seen Yo, Gabba, Gabba, this will
mean nothing to you. But it's still a funny story!)
So he looks at the rice in his hand and says,
"Rice wanna do(rhymes with go) to the potty in my tummy?"
(Yeah, his word for party sounds like potty-causing much more
laughter from the rest of us!)
Syd and Ash said, "yeah!" in a high pitched voice
like the rice answering back.
Noah giggled and gobbled his rice up!
We did this routine with every bite for the rest of the meal
until he was almost through. On one of his last bites,
after he already had the food in his mouth, he hollared,
in the same high pitched voice we were using to represent
the food, "OH, NO! HE'S EATING US!!!"
OMGosh it was so stinking funny!!
I love my kids!
Well, if you're still here, thanks for hanging in there!
This was a LONG post!!!
Hopefully I won't let myself get so far behind again!!


christy rose said...

Wow! I have so been missing you! But this post was a good catch up! We have been school supply shopping this past week too. but school here does not start until the 18th.
The picture of Emmie's hair in pigtails is adorable and so is the one of her blowing kisses. how adorable is she!!!
Oh my about Paul's hand. I hope he is feeling better. Happy birthday to you Paul. I hope it is your best one ever!
Ewww! about Noah's poop story. Gross! But very funny! along with the dinner story!
We are in need of a new vehicle too. Let me know what you all decide. We are kinda looking into the 8 passenger Chevy Traverse. I am not so sure about anything though.
Thanks for the catch up!

He & Me + 3 said...

Glad you are back. Can't believe that it has been so long. Lots to comment about. Love that song for your title:)
Glad Paul's hand is doing better. That must have been horrible to have to go through it again. ugh
I can't believe that your kids start school so soon. We don't go back until September.
Love the rice story. I was laughing as I was reading. too funny. WE would so do the same thing.
Sorry about the swimmer diaper incident. But yet funny again. Glad it was your good friends party and not someone you just met. LOL
Good luck finding a van. :)

Tracy said...

Glad to see you back in blog land. The last story about Noah was hilarious. And of course I got a big kick out of the poop story since Clayton did the same thing on 4th of July. I hope all the kiddos are ready for school. Summer always flies by.

{Kimber} said...

you were MIA & so is Lisa...I was seriously sad :(
that is aweful about your hubs--but I'm glad he seems on the road to recovery now :)
and tell him happy BD!!!
the piggie pic is adorable!!
and we have been shopping like crazy too for school has snuck up on me so I was in panic mode!!
good luck with the car hunt--we have a Suburban and we love it--ours is an 8 pass
anywho--SOOOOO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!! :) {go enter my giveaway too}

Foursons said...

Wow that is a lot going on! Paul's hand sounds terrifying! I'd be freaked out too if that is how my husband reacted to the fixin' up.

Mandy T said...

Well are you ready for school to start and only have 2 children at home for the day? Emmies hair is to cute in the pigtails. Hope Pauls hand gets better soon. Cant wait to see yall Tuesday night for open house!