Thursday, May 7, 2009

...and now I have a button!!

Yay Me!!
(insert my own spastic applause here)
I FINALLY figured out how to make a button.
Well, the making part wasn't so hard.
But making it a link and creating an HTML
box for everyone else to grab it was an
Ok, now that I'm done venting, I am really happy
with the way everything turned out. I've been looking
at how to make original backgrounds-as frustrating as this
was, I hope think I've got it figured out. I'd
love to make my own backgrounds too!
Ok, so my true stress today came from my computer itself.
It's been a while since I've actually shut my computer down
at night, but last night I decided to.
Bad idea.
Apparently my computer didn't like the idea of me shutting it
down and wanted to extract some revenge. When I turned it on
this morning, it took forever for my desktop to come up.
It kept giving me the message 'preparing your desktop.'
Then when it finally did come up, it was a background I've
never seen before. It then told me that my previous layout
was not properly saved and that it was giving me a temporary
layout. This made me nervous, but at first everything seemed
to be working ok. The first thing I did as soon as it finished
coming up was log on. I was bothered as it made me go through
all the 'new' stuff, like I did when I had just gotten my computer
and had to set up my internet accounts. Then finally when
everything was up, I quickly saw that
everything was gone.
All my logins, all my favorites, etc.
After fiddling with the internet for another minute,
I got a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach as I
realized what I hadn't seen before.
I minimized the internet and my heart stopped.
All my folders were gone. Music-gone. Blog stuff-gone.
Now, in my defense, I cleared a lot off my desktop last
night before I shut it down-putting things in folders
(still on the desktop, though)
and throwing away things I didn't need or use.
That's why I didn't notice right away that they weren't there.
Needless to say, I spent several minutes frantically
searching and hyperventilating. I sent Paul a frantic
text at work and he called immediately. He was upset too
because all of our pictures from before Jan are on his
computer as well as mine, and are also backed up on a disc.
The ones from Jan forward, however, were ONLY on my
computer. After we talked a minute about where I had
already looked, he told me to do a general search
in windows. Duh. That should've been the first thing
I tried, but in a fog of panic, I wasn't exactly thinking
clearly!! Anyway, when I searched for them,
they are still here!!!
Thank you, Lord!
They aren't where they are supposed to be, and for
some reason they seem to be scattered and not in any
semblence of order, but they are still here. I will deal with
the rest later. For now I am just happy that
they are still here!
And I'm so glad.


Tracy said...

Don't you just hate computers sometimes. I'm not very savvy at all when it comes to electronics so I would have panicked too. So glad to everything is still there.

Kelli said...

Your blog looks so cute and I already added your SUPER cute button to my blog!! I'm glad all you pictures and stuff is still there...I know that is a scary feeling!!

Konnie said...

I have your button on my blog.(you should have had a giveaway for the 1st person that added your button) and that would be me! (well i was on the phone with you and you did tell me to try it to make sure it worked, but i don't call that cheating it was just a heads up)lol! Good now you can help me with mine. LOL!!! (no really now you can help me with mine!) I like the one that i posted last night, but i stayed up until 2:00am trying to put it on my blog and as you can see IT DIDN'T WORK! HAHA!

Emily said...

Your blog is fantastic looking. I've been thinking about re-doing mine a bit, but now I don't think I'm brave enough! lol