Sunday, May 3, 2009

The return of Not Me! Monday-YAY! (actually posted LATE Sunday night)

I think we are all not glad to be back to our NMM admissions!!
Unwelcome back, MckMama! So totally not glad to have you back! :)
Check out what MckMama and everyone else have not been doing this week at
Miserably not happy that you and Stellan are home and well!!
Having boys is really not a continuing adventure-with no surprises or comic relief in sight!
That said, I did not have the joy of saying,
"Jacob, we do NOT karate chop our little sister in the head!" or,
"NO, Noah! Emmie cannot have grapes!
But thank you for sharing-that was sweet!"
Also, I did truly did not have to clean human poop off my PORCH because
Noah totally does NOT take his diaper off all the time once in a while-
especially not when he has poo-poo! He also would not smear it on the porch
or proceed to walk through it! And I would never just wipe it up with a baby wipe.
I totally did not let the boys watch Mulan over and over just because they love to
sing the songs and do the karate motions-
and it is not completely cute or funny or sweet.
I have not been trying to tape it ALL week!
They do not seriously become camera shy as soon as I try!
Even with my phone!
I did not take ALL 3 of the little ones for shots on Wednesday-
to the Health Dept, no less!
It was not FREE immunization week at the Health Dept and we were not totally
in and out of there in just an hour! I was not completely amazed and thankful!
Free and fast!
No way I'm grateful for that!! However, all 3 of the little immunized ones
have not been OVERLY fussy and sometimes just downright miserable ever since.
They do not all have huge, red knots on their legs,
and have not been running fever off and on.
I am not more exhausted than I ever knew a person could be
because I do not have an (almost) 11 month old baby girl who absolutely refuses
to sleep through the night. She does not want to nurse EVERY TIME
she wakes up-which some nights is every 2 hours or so-
and I am not so unbelievably zonked that I just give in and nurse her.
Nope-NOT ME!
I would never cave so easily! I have also not discussed with Paul about:
1. Moving ME out of the bedroom (sad that Paul and I would be giving up our bedroom-
he hasn't been sleeping in there since Dec!)
2. Moving Emmie upstairs cause I totally want to run UPSTAIRS every 2 hours at night!
3. Moving Emmie into the laundry room
4. Investing in lots of Benadryl
(Come on, folks-give me a break-it was a JOKE!)
Seriously, though, ANY advice on Emmie would totally not be appreciated!
I truly am not the most tired I've ever been in my life! And, I'm not
thinking that maybe I should stay off the roads cause, you know,
zonked driving is drunk driving!
And on that note, Emmie is just not already fussing
for the first time this evening-
just 2 hours after putting her in the bed.
Paul did not volunteer to go try to get her back to sleep,
which is not very sweet. I do not wish him the best of luck-although I'd love
to not be a fly on the wall when he decides to give in and just nurse her!


He And Me + 3 said...

Boys...I just love mine. We are dealing with the karate chopping and sword fighting thing right now. So fun!
That last comment about just give in and nurse her was hysterical.

Konnie said...

Girl I do NOT! know how you do it getting up every 2 hours, I would not be able to function. No, she might do better if Paul does go in and check on her at night or try one weekend when he is not having to go to work and let him get up with her, We did that with Grayson because he knew that if i got up with him i would nurse him or give him a bottle, it is like he knew that Daddy meant buisness, he would go right back to sleep for Isaac without needing to be feed.

Kelli said...

Great Not Me's!! At least Noad pooped on the porch and not in the house or on the couch!! And my doctor really told me to give my kids a little tylenol for a few nights to get them back into the habit of sleeping through the night after they had been sick and waking up alot at night! We have done it a few times and it really works! Benedryl always hypes mine up instead of making them sleepy!

Tracy said...

When I was weaning Clayton, Delk had to get up with him. He expected me to nurse him if I got him out of the crib. But he would take a sippy cup from Delk. After about a week, I was able to get him up without a problem. And too funny about the poo on the porch. Clayton pooped on my in-laws gator this weekend. So gross but so funny!!

Samantha said...

Great Not Me's!!

Thank's for commenting on my blog post. In regards to baby Eve, my mum is a foster carer and is in talks with her agency about this sweet baby. She is hoping they will at least let her be a part of this sweet girl's life while she is in the hospital until she is ready to be adopted. I can't really say much more, but my family is fighting for her!