Thursday, May 21, 2009

'I'd like to thank the Academy...'

What a great way to start the day!!

I won an award!!

Kelli, my IRL friend who got us all addicted

to this crazy blog thing, sent me this great award today!

Thanks, Kelli, and right backatcha!!

Seriously, copy and paste it back on your page

cause you deserve it-again!!

Visit Kelli at Random Thoughts of a Supermom!

Kelli's super fun and crazy crafty!

I SOOOO envy admire her

cool talents and abilities!! I wish I had just

a smidge of her creativity! She has three

super cute boys, and Eli might be the

rolypoly-est cutie I've ever seen!!


I hope it's ok to pass this award on...I'm gonna anyway!

First, to my IRL friend Konnie at The Dooley's.
We've been friends for a long time.

She has one funny hubby, and 3 beautiful boys,

the youngest of whom she swears will one

day be my son-in-law!! Look out Emmie

(can you say arranged marriage??)She has been

going through alot with her mom's cancer this

year, and I love the updates on her mom

and reading the funny things the boys say!!


Next is El over at Profoundly Seth.

I must be painfully honest and say that while

I've followed her blog for quite a while, I have

mainly stayed in the land of the lurkers!

Sorry, El! Ellen has one sweet girl and three

precious boys-two here in her arms, and

one in heaven in the Father's arms.

I love reading about Seth and his

amazing journey, but I also love reading

about Ellen. She is transparent and real.


Lastly, I am giving one to Mimi over at He & Me +3.

She was my first blogging friend who wasn't also

an IRL friend! Thanks for hanging around, Mimi!

Mimi has 2 beautiful girls and one spunky handsome

boy! They all have the greatest dimples ever!!

I love Mimi's sweet soul-she has the

nicest personality, and it's fun to read about her

and her sweet family!


In other really cool news, if you follow MckMama at

you know their local news did a story on Stellan

last night. The story was moving and well done!

I was particularly impressed that the news

station made no attempt to take out the 'God angle'

of the story. God was very much given the glory!

And BTW...if you watch the story, pay

attention when they are showing all the

Stellan's name gallery pics. When the reporter

is going through all the things people wrote

Stellan's name with, 'pretzels, candy, blocks, blossoms...'

the blossoms they show are mine!! That's my Stellan pic!
I was so excited!! I saw it at midnight last night!!



Yes, I have put a LOT of lbs a few lbs

back on...

and YES, I do wear LOTS of empire

waisted shirts (that happen to look maternity but are NOT)

to cover it up...

and YES, we do have a rather impressive

(if I do say so myself)

track record of having babies...

but NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am NOT pregnant!

Please don't ask. Everyone else has already asked.

It's starting to get really stinking depressing old.

We do intend, by the grace of God,

to have at least one more, but I promise,

when it happens, we'll let you know. :)


That's enough excitement for now, I suppose...

Thanks again to Kelli.

If you're new here, welcome!

Thanks for looking around.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?


PS...anyone else have MAD frustration over the
crazy spacing that happens when you post a
pic on here?????? I can't fix the double-spacing
and it's driving me crazy!


Kelli said...

First, you SO deserve that bloggy award...and I'm glad you like it!! Second...I have put on some weight too {steriod seem to do that to you, and ice cream doesn't help}!! The spacing thing is SUPER frustrating, sometimes I go into the Edit HTML part and fix the spacing manually....sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! I was so excited to see your blossoms on that video too...I knew they were yours as soon as I saw them!!

He And Me + 3 said...


Thank you so much for this super cute award. You are too sweeet.
I didn't see the news story, but I will check it out.
the spacing is so frustrating. Ugh. I hate it when it doesn't look just so. I wish they would fix it.

Konnie said...

Thank You SO much for the SUPER Award!!! I am so excited. I was also very excited to see see your blossoms on Stellans news story.
And don't worry about putting on a few pounds, we all have, but we are about to work it off when belly dance starts. LOL!!!