Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day...a day late.

I hope everyone had a wonderful
Mother's Day!
Here is what I should have posted yesterday!!
-My babies-
each on the day they came home from the hospital.
Ashton Colette
January 28, 1997

Sydney Alexis
August 4, 1999

Jacob Carter
June 13, 2004

Noah Aaron
January 16, 2007

Emelia Claire
June 7, 2008

I wish there were words to describe the way
I feel about my children.
I am unconditionally blessed.
And loved.
And thankful.
I love you, my beauties.
And I thank God everyday for the privilege of
being your mom.

~(One of)Our newest family photo~
(My boys almost look like twins!!)
FYI-the pics of Ash and Syd are so blurry because they
are scans that were taken with a horrible 35mm camera,
and I was HORRIBLE at taking pictures!!
Also, notice they are both wearing white?
We didn't find out the sex with either,
so the outfits had to be neutral!! :)



Kelli said...

I love how they are all asleep and look so peaceful!! Great family picture!! I still don't know how you get all 5 of your kids to take a great picture!!

Konnie said...

Too sweet! I have never noticed how much Jacob and Noah look alike, they do look like twins.

He And Me + 3 said...

Those pictures were all great. Wow how they grow so fast. Love the family picture. I cannot believe you got 7 people to smile pretty and look in the same direction. your photographer was good...or your kids are just better trained than mine:)

Tracy said...

Great pics. You have such a beautiful family.