Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back in blogland...making friends.

Ok, so I totally laid out of blogland all weekend.
Sort of.
I did check in now and again, and read everyone's
new posts. I just didn't do anything of my own.
I'm always excited to do Not Me! Monday posts,
but Emmie let me get so little sleep Sunday night
that I just couldn't wrap my brain around a post
where I had to say everything backward!!
Just too tired, folks!
On that note, however, I must confess that
Emmie slept ALL NIGHT last night!!!
(insert manic happy dance here!)
I think it is the first time EVER.
Did I mention she's 11 months old?
Did I mention how painfully sleep deprived I am?
Did I mention that I adore her anyway?? :)
And she's totally taking steps all over the place!
Walking, already...where did the time go?
We were busy most of the weekend, and that probably
added to my tiredness.
We had a great dinner at our house with our IRL friends
Konnie and Isaac-otherwise known in blogland as
and speaking of Konnie, congrats to her as she is
the winner of a super cool summer giveaway
at another IRL friend Kelli's blog,
Great giveaway, Kelli, thanks for the fun!
~I digress~
Back to our weekend...
Then we began the redecoration of our living room
that I have been WAITING for!!
We have been buying things here and there-
when we had a little extra money
and when things were on crazy good sales-BTW,
I LOVE Kirkland's!!! And if you sign up for their
email, they will send you coupons!! Come on,
thrifty moms-it doesn't get better than coupons, right??
We also went to a salvage place in Mobile and got
a 10X13 rug that cost about $900 elsewhere but
because it had a few MINOR flaws on one CORNER
we got it for under $200!
I love saving money!!
(cause we don't have much!! LOL)
The redo is not quite finished, but when it is, I will
post pics.
Ok, I've gotta say, unless my visit counter is
wrong, I've got quite a few lurkers.
I know you're out there!
I love to meet new people and make new friends!
Please let me know if you check my blog
now and again-
leave me a comment, and follow my blog!!
I would love to meet you!
In fact, if I can get 25 friends (via followers,)
I will post a giveaway!
I've got a $15 giftgard to
to giveaway to a friend. But you've got to
be a friend first!
Hope to meet you soon!


Konnie said...

Girl, You know I'll be all up in that giveaway, I have an obsession with Target! Glad that you are back to posting. I pretty much took the week off last week also. We enjoyed dinner saturday night. TTYL

He And Me + 3 said...

What a generous giveaway how fun. I am already a friend though, so I can't help ya out...but I hope that the lurkers reveal themselves so we can have a giveaway:) Yeah for Emmie sleeping!

Kelli said...

I'm glad your back...I figured you were adjusting to preschool being out! Yay for a giveaway! I have suggestion....move your followers up a little higher on your sidebar! More people might click it if it is easier to find! And I have a suprise for you on my blog that will post tomorrow...it may send a few people your way! Can't wait to see the pics of the room redo!

Mandy T said...

Well Emmie is walkning and in 2 weeks she will be a year old. Time flies by to fast. I LOVE kirkland's too, im going to have to go to there website and sign up cause I love me some coupons!! Send me your cell phone number on facebook so I can text you this summer. Maybe we can all get in the habit of walking again!!