Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random Picture Challenge...and why I believe Satan created laundry.

Ok, again with the frustrating spacing...

now I can't center my pictures either. :(

Anyway, I am participating in the

Random Picture Challenge by Brittney over at


This weeks picture comes from

Folder 16 or August 08

and should be the 28th picture.

This is from Ashton's school awards day 2008.
Ashton is in the center. Her hair was shorter then.
She's so pretty. But I might be biased. :)
Ok, on to Satan and laundry...
I'm certain you all think I'm crazy.
A little background-I loathe laundry.
It is the bane of my existence.
It's kind of like Gremlins-wet it and it multiplies!
Think back to Adam and Eve.
First created humans.
Lived in paradise.
Up close and personal friends with God himself.
(That last one is the important one to the story.)
(Don't forget it.)
Ok, so as we all know,
they were forbidden to eat the fruit of
the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
~Fast forward~
Satan slithers
Eve succumbs
beguiles Adam
fruit eaten.
God returns.
Suddenly, Adam and Eve are aware of their nakedness.
(See, I told you that was important)
In their need to cover themselves,
they grab some fig leaves and voila-
And Satan laughed.
Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating just a little.
(and hey-Adam and Eve could just throw the dirty
leaves away and pick new ones, right??)
But I really dislike doing laundry.
I guess my poor feeble mind just needed an
excuse to not do it.
Cause, ya know,
~the devil made me do it~
is never a good excuse!!


christy rose said...


I just stopped over from Mimi's. I love your blog. You have a big and beautiful family. Families are what life is all about with God in the midst of them that is.

I have 5 kids too.

I agree Satan created Laundry!

I am going to follow you and come back soon.

Christy Rose

He And Me + 3 said...

Your daughter is cute...your whole family is gorgeous. YOu are blessed. I am doing laundry as I type. Yep...big fun at 12:30 in the morning.

Kelli said...

How funny would it be if your whole family showed up at church wearing leaves!! I HATE laundry too!! And for some reason it won't quite piling up at my house!

Tracy said...

I don't mind so much the washing and drying; it's the folding and putting away that I absolutely hate about laundry. Luckily my hubby hates clutter more than I do so he helps me get it folded and put away most of the time.