Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just random

OMGosh it's cold here!! We're having record lows.
I HATE cold weather. Seriously.
That's why I live in the south!!
Getting up and getting the kids back to school has been
so much harder due to the low 20 degree weather
I've had to drag everyone out in the last 2 days!
I guess I'm glad we're actually having a winter, but

We are considering getting a dog. I must be crazy.
We actually went to the Mobile SPCA on Saturday and
met the sweetest doggie ever. We are discussing going
back and getting him, but he's so timid I'm afraid our
household would just be torture for him! We did decide
that we weren't going to pay for another expensive breed
cause that hasn't worked out so well for us in the past,
so we've been scouring petfinder.com for a shelter dog.

On a sad note, a local family lost their 10 month old when she
fell in the tub after her sister got out. Apparently the tub wasn't
drained and by the time her mom found her it was too late.
I found out later that her dad is someone I have known all my
life, but haven't seen in years. I am brokenhearted for this
family. We have been very strict about the bathroom since
Jacob was about 13 months and a friend of a friend lost a 14 month
old who fell head first in the toilet. After that we have been
insistant that the bathroom doors stay shut at all times,
and when the little ones get big enough to open the doors
by themselves we put door knob covers on. I never even
thought about that stuff when the older girls were little, and
it's scary to think about how quickly something like that
can happen. Please say a quick prayer for this family.

I hope everyone is enjoying the first week of 2010. It's been
crazy and COLD here, but we're getting back into the swing
of things, which is always a relief. Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm going to go put my new Shark mop to good use!!
And yes, I do realize it's not Christmas anymore!!
I am currently working on a new background!! :)



{Kimber} said...

hahaha....as soon as I clicked on your post, I was going to comment about the background...but you are ON IT!!! :)

Leigh said...

Jennifer.. I busted into tears when I heard about Andy.. that just broke my heart! on a diff subject... some people take forever to take their decorations down so just leave it there til you ready to move it :) and yes BRRRRRRR... i HATE cold weather and snow on Thursday... i MUST be dreaming!! ha ha! have a HAPPY new years!

He & Me + 3 said...

It is cold here too my friend. Too cold. Brrrrr. That is very sad about that baby. How horrible.
I think doggies from the pound are the best. Ours was a rescue dog.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

We aren't liking the cold weather too much either! I haven't heard about the 10 month old yet...that is so sad! Good luck with getting a dog...I learned quickly that my boys were still too young and I didn't like dogs that much:) I have been trying to tweak my background and my button...so far so good! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Mandy T said...

Ive got 2 dogs you can have!!! lol

Konnie said...

It is so sad about Andy's baby, It brought back alot of memories of our friends baby that drowned in the toliet. i am always a nervous wreck aoout the bathroom door being left open. And i agree I am not liking this COLD weather.

christy rose said...

Man! It is cold here too! Colder than 20! We are freezing below the zero line.
My heart just sunk when you told about the baby that was lost in the tub. I just can not even imagine how they must feel. I will definitely pray for them.

Mama4Real said...

That is so sad!!! I hate stories like that... I hate that they're true and they happen all the time! A school friend of my sister's lost his 2 year old after she choked on a bouncy ball, they got the ball out, but the damage had been done.

Just solidifies my thought process that you CAN'T be too careful.

Foursons said...

Huh? Did you say it was cold?

I'm sorry to hear about your friend's child. So sad.

As far as the blog layout- *shrug* don't worry about it.

E @ Scottsville said...

Yea, it's cold HERE TOO... and I don't like it. Not one little bit. And tomorrow is supposed to be MUCH worse. Yikes!

That's horrible to hear about the baby. I said a prayer for your friends...

Happy New Year.