Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Noah's birthday!

My sweet baby boy.

I loved you before I ever knew you.

You have my heart and soul.

Lots of pictures to follow!!

Naked belly picture warning!!

Noah Aaron Waltman
7lbs 13oz
Going home!!
You clawed your face up!! Poor baby. :)

You made (and still) make the funniest faces!!
You are always happy.
You have sugar everywhere!
Your smile melts me.
I love your sweet little toddler cheeks and teeth.
You love your sister...even when y'all are fighting over toys!

You love your daddy.
You charm everyone you meet.
Your eyes mesmerize me!
You love life.
Thank you for loving me.
You get excited about everything.
You make life fun.
You give awesome hugs.

You are growing up too fast...
I love that you still baby talk.
I love that you love to cuddle.
I love that you put your hands on my
cheeks to give me a kiss.
I love you because you are you.
Forgive me for not posting this sooner, little man!! :)


{Kimber} said...

such a sweet post!!!!!
for such a sweet little man!
he is adorable :)
{the cake was FABULOUS btw!! WOW}

Foursons said...

Such a sweet little man you have. I love all the photos!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

So sweet! He is getting to be such a big boy:) In some of those pictures he looks alot like Jacob and then in some of them he looks nothing like him! I love that:)

christy rose said...

How sweet! Loved all of those pics of him! He is just adorable. What an awesome cake!

christy rose said...

BTW meant to say that I saw your cake pictures for Noah on facebook and did not get a chance to comment. It was so cool!

Mandy T said...

Noah is so sweet which all your kids are sweet and loving!

He & Me + 3 said...

He is so cute. I have those same pj pants you are wearing in the belly picture.
Fun looking at all the pictures.

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