Friday, January 8, 2010

Work in progress...and the one in which I talk about boobs.

Ok, so just to get rid of the Christmas stuff
-which I still haven't done around my house, BTW-
I went ahead and put up the new background and header.

I got the background from One Cute Blog, but I made the
header myself. (With her permission, of course.)
I will put a picture in when I get a new group shot-
hence the large space in the center.
I'm also working on a new button and a post divider.
Anyone know how in the world to make the background
on the divider transparent?? I'm going a bit batty failing trying.

I tried to make my own (really cute) background, and actually did it,
but I can't make it show up the right size when I put it on my blog.
I'm saving as the correct size, and uploading it correctly (I think)
but when I try to use it, it doesn't stretch all the way across
my screen. Any helpful tips?? HTML is very frustrating!!

In other news, as of Monday, Emmie has finally stopped nursing.
We were only nursing before nap and bedtime anyway, and
she was playing more than eating, and frankly I'm just ready
to be able to take Excedrin again! (I realize that sounds horribly
selfish, but my headaches have been more and more frequent
lately, and Tylenol and Ibuprofen don't touch them anymore)

It is a sad milestone anyway-even at 19 months-and I miss it
already. So do my boobs. Seriously, pain and fullness abound.
But they're already easing on their own without me having to do
anything about it-like wrap them or pump till the milk is gone.
I swore after I stopped nursing Ashton that I'd never wrap them
up again. After walking around for 2 weeks looking like the
uni-boober I was left with sad, floppy, pancake-like caricatures
of my former (quite nice if I do say so myself) boobs. So with each
child since I have just weaned to once or twice a day before I
stopped nursing so that things could dry up without assistance.
And it has worked! They will never be what they used to be
(without surgical intervention) but at least they don't resemble
large deflated balloons!

Speaking of Emmie (What? That last paragraph was about Emmie!
Cause there's no way I'd write a whole paragraph about my
mammaries! That might just be wierd!! :)
Yesterday she figured out how to climb out of her playpen.
What's the big deal, you ask? The play pen is her bed.
I don't remember if I blogged about it, but due to lack of
anywhere else to put her
room in our house, Emmie has been in our bedroom
since birth. She is the lightest sleeper I have ever known, and for
the first year of her life, she woke up every time anyone even moved
the covers in the same room with her. This, of course, led to sleepless nights,
and to Paul moving out of our bedroom-not out of anger, but simply so
he could get sleep and function at work! After a while we were unhappy
with that arrangement so we decided to put her in a playpen in our closet.


She started sleeping all night and Paul moved back to our room, and
everything was wonderful. Till yesterday. Now she's back in her
crib in our bedroom and yesterday was pretty rough. Today was
better, though, she didn't cry at all when I laid her down for
her nap, so I think she's dealing. Other than the fact that we can't
go it our bedroom when she's asleep-and she's a long napper-and we
have to sneak into bed at night and we can't move once we're there,
I think it's gonna be ok. I hope. At this point I can't even think
about having to get up with her at night again...I'm yawning
just thinking about it! :)



He & Me + 3 said...

19 months is how long I nursed Model. We were both ready. Sad but ready.
like the new background, but I am no help. I don't do html. :)
Good luck with the sleeping situation:)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

The new background is cute! I wanted to do a new background on mine too...but I was having the same trouble as you! For some reason, even if my background is the right size and I upload it the right size, it still isn't big enough. I just kept my old one and change the color of the center column...good enough for now anyway! Good luck!

Foursons said...

I'm not sure what you are asking about the divider. I didn't realize there was a background for a divider?

Good luck with the sleeping thing, it stinks when mom is tired and still has to be on top of her game.

I didn't realize my boobs looked the way they did after Jakob because of how I weened. Wow- good info to have! Not that I plan on having another kid or anything, just one of those things that is nice to know. :)

Mama4Real said...

Bucket can now climb out of his playpen AND his crib. It started over Christmas @ the MIL's house. It's become an issue! There are these things (that I don't have yet) called "tent tops" that are made out of mesh that you can put on top of their cribs (I don't know about playpens though) that make it so they can't climb out. Rockstar wants to get him a big boy bed for 2nd bday, but I don't think I'm ready for that!

Mama4Real said...

Kudos on the background stuff too, I haven't got a CLUE how to do any of that! I have kinda figured out headers, but that's it. It fried my brain just doing that!

Konnie said...

We put Grayson in a toddler bed a 17 months due to the fact that i was not going to go buy another crib and that I had just had Brayden. Grayson did GREAT!!! in the toddler bed, I thought that we would be in for it but he never got out of his bed. You might also hink about getting Emmie a sound machine {like the one I bought Easton when we went shopping a few weeks ago} he starts squirming when you walk down the hall but not anymore.

christy rose said...

I only nursed my kids until they were 12 or 13 months. I was usually done by then and so were they. And, I usually started taking away 1 feeding a day and replacing it with something else when they were 9 months and then another at 10 months and so on. I never had any pain or swelling when it was the final time. Not with any of my kids.
We have Jacob in a playpen in our room too for the same reason of lack of another bedroom for him right now. He does not do too bad. He wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes still but I just cuddle him in our bed for a little while then put him back in his bed and that usually does the trick. I do love those mornings when I wake up and realize that I have slept all night long without interruption. It feels so good!!! :)

amanda said...

let me know how you tried to do your background. i'll see how it differs from mine and try to help you out!! :0) for the divider on the blog save it as a png instead of jpg. that 'should' solve your problem. :0) any other questions ask!! i love doing the html stuff. and wish i had time to make it a 'business'.

i love to hear of other babies sleeping in their parents rooms!! dustin still sleeps in our room, in a pack and play right next to our bed. although now he has started waking up and then pulling at my blanket saying hi, hi, hi. probably because it's the only word he knows. lol. we have a bedroom for him, but can't find the time to clean it all out and move him. hopefully by july when this next baby arrives. :0)

sorry for the rambling message!! but seriously let me know if i can help you out!!