Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sorry, this is going to be one of those downer
kinda posts. That's just where I am today.

Paul's dad's cancer is pretty much throughout his
body. There's not much they can or are willing
to do as he's 72 and not in the best health anyway.
The Dr told him they can do chemo but it's not going
to cure may just prolong things a bit-
and make him miserable in the meantime.

They gave him 3-6 months, and said a year would be
an absolute miracle.

I am sad. I am troubled. But not for the reasons you
think. Yes, I am sad that he is dying, but I know he is
saved and has said he is ready to go home to Jesus so as
sad as his dying is, I know where he's going and that is
some comfort.

I am sad that the kids and I hardly know him. I am troubled
that we are not closer to him, and that he is dying without
really knowing his grandchildren or them really knowing
him. I am bothered that he and his son never really got along.

Paul and his dad have never been close, and although they
have both made huge strides in the last few years to remedy
the situation, they still don't have a typical father-son
relationship. And now it's almost too late to change anything.

I am praying that they can resolve 37 years of issues in
3-6 months. Sounds impossible, but with God, all things
are possible. I think Paul really needs to face his dad,
say him what needs to be said, and give him his forgiveness.
And I pray that his dad will listen.

I've never known anyone who's been handed a death sentence
and it is truly bizarre. I can't wrap my brain around it.
We have told the children he has cancer, but haven't told them
he only has a short time left. I don't think we will tell them.
It's hard enough for me to process...I can't imagine being young
and having to deal with it.

Thank you for praying along with me when I posted about the
his cancer the first time. You cannot know how much it means
to know that I have friends that I've never even met
(and a few I have!) who are
willing to go before the Lord and petition on the behalf of
my family member. Thank you, thank you. You
all mean so much to me!



amanda said...

praying for you all!! i couldn't imagine!

{Kimber} said...

Jenn I am so sorry you and your fam are having to deal with this...I can't imagine how it must be for your hubs or the rest of you..I will be praying for God's peace for you guys
love ya!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I completely understand where you are coming from. When Jason's dad died unexpectedly, I felt so bad that the boys didn't know him better. At least now, you can try to make the most of the time h has left!

christy rose said...

I am so sorry to hear this Jen! I will be praying for Paul and His dad's relationship and that God would be evidently in the midst of all of your lives through this time.

Konnie said...

We are praying for Paul and Mr. Raymond's relationship. Like we talked about yesterday, finding out some one you know {wheather close or not} has cancer is awful. Trying to explain to the boys about mom having cancer was not easy, that is probably one of the hardest things we have had to do. But with my boys being so close to Mom and the boys and I taking here to treatments and helping Dad with her, we had to tell them.
We are praying for y'all and if y'all need anything just give me a call.
Love ya!

He & Me + 3 said...

I can't imagine either. I am so sorry that you got that news. VEry sad. I will continue to pray.

Foursons said...

Unfortunately I know EXACTLY what you and your husband are going through. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Jenilee said...

I'll be praying for your family. that is so difficult and hard to walk through especially for the kids.

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