Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me it over already?!?

Let me start by saying we did not have a super-fantastic
Christmas/New Year holiday.

Christmas was not the usual mad dash, last minute shopping
that it usually is, although it was not better than years past
-think; this year we were only still shopping the weekend before
versus still shopping on Christmas Eve in the past-
I know. Nice.

I did not, for a few days, let the house go to the point that I wanted
to close my eyes as I walked through it. This would not have
been seriously dangerous, as there were toys EVERYWHERE.
Anyone else not have a toy factory explode in their living room?

We did not have a nice family Christmas with no travel crammed
in anywhere. We usually go somewhere on a mini-vaca in the 2
weeks the kids are out. This year we opted to stay home. It totally
did not make the time seem to last!!

Having said that, however, we did not take a spur of the moment
trip to a fantastic, fun restaurant about an hour away. As we were
leaving the house we did not decide, also spur of the moment style,
to get a hotel room for that night and did not call our closest friends
to see if they wanted to do the same!
They didn't! (Except they really did!!)
It was not a great excursion, and I probably won't do a post
about it later in the week!

I also did not book our Disney vacation for this May-
and these same friends are not going at the same time!!
And I am not so unbelievably excited!!
It was not nice to be able to put our new timeshare to
work, not just for us, but for our friends too!

I am not one of those people who is kind of sad to see 2009 go.
I did not think 2009 was a pretty good year, and I really can't
think of anything in particular to complain about.*

*Sidebar: this is not a 'my-life-is-perfect-nothing ever goes
wrong-we-have-no-problems' bluff. I am not covering
up unhappiness or telling fairy tales. I am just saying that
in 2009 for us, there was more good than bad and I prefer to
remember it that way. This sidebar was brought on by the sudden
insurgence of people demanding 'totally honest blogging' and
'full disclosure blogging.' I try to do that as much as I am comfortable with,
but come on.
It's my life, my blog, and my prerogative to tell as much
or as little as I darn well please. Sorry if that sounded harsh.

We do not have 2 birthdays in our household this month, so it's
not possible that my baby is turning 13!!! OMGosh. Writing that
made it seem so much more real!! I'm not having trouble getting
my brain around that one!! Pray for me! :)

I am also not coming up on my one year blogiversary,
my 200th post!!
I am not thinking I might just have to have one wicked
fun giveaway. You know, if I can get creative!! :)
More about that later.

Not Me's aside, I cannot believe the holidays flew by so
quickly. I was not ready for Paul to go back to work, or
the kids to go back to school!! Although, I must admit, I
am loving the reinstating(reinstatement??)of naptime!!
I hope everyone had a great holiday vacation as well.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Our house looked like a toy factory exploded for a few days after Christmas too! I finally got most the toys down to the playroom...but it is still overflowing! I'm glad you had such a great Christmas and New Years! I loved your sidebar:) Sometimes I feel like I should add a sidebar to some of my posts..but I usually don't!

Konnie said...

Great post! So i should expect a really bad pic of myself coming sometime this week! Maybe one of me trying to beat our hubby's at the go-kart track? I am not also really excited about our upcoming Disney vacation!

Carolyn said...

Glad you had a great Christmas. I'm sure you'll love Disney too. Happy Not Me Monday.

{Kimber} said...

okay...I need help with this disney thing....please email me!
or I will you...unless I forget, which is likely!

can't wait to hear about what resturant you went to...I have an idea!!!

christy rose said...

I think it is great to remember it as more good than bad because that is usually what it is anyway. It really is hard to enjoy life when the few bad things that happen in life overshadow all of the good. I am glad that you had such a great holiday. Ours was wonderful too!! How exciting that you are going to Disney in May. We just went in September. What a wonderful time that we had!! I remember you told me that you love it. And about your oldest being 13? I totally know where you are at with that, I can not believe that my oldest is 16! It all goes so fast.

He & Me + 3 said...

I only share what I want to too. I agree. It is nice to let the house go once in a while. WE stayed home to and it truly was the best Christmas ever. So relaxed.

E @ Scottsville said...

I'm so glad it was a GREAT year for you and you're right it IS your blog and you CAN tell what YOU feel like tellin' and to heck with everybody else. =0)

Hope 2010 is just as good if not BETTER for ya. I'm praying mine will be BETTER, not worse. Goodness, I couldn't handle another like 2009, I don't think!

Looking forward to your giveaway!

amanda said...

love the list! and disney?! i am so jealous!! the christmas pictures below are super cute too!!

Mandy T said...

Can you just stuff me in one of your pieces of luggage when you go to disney please!!!
Im glad yall had a great Christmas and New year! Miss ya