Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to my Not Me! Monday!!
A stress relieving creation of
I missed last week's therapy, so I am taking
full advantage of it this week!

I totally did not brave Walmart with
6 kids (my5+Steven)
all by myself.
I have done it before, but today,
I put the little ones in one buggy,
Jacob and Steven in another,
and had one for groceries.
(The girls and I each had one)
It did not really work well!
I did not get to the register and
have the cashier stare at me like I
had 2 heads!
She did not then say LOUDLY, "You made it
through Walmart with 6 kids-by your self??
I have to give you a hand!"
She did not then proceed to
And draw lots of attention.
Are you kidding me???
Am I being punk'd??
Are there really no other large families in the area?
I didn't want to crawl under her register!
After I finished non-blushing,
I paid for my groceries and then thought maybe
I should just not take it as a complement
and be proud!
I didn't completely freak out when Noah
showed up at the gate between the living room
and the kitchen rubbing brown stuff all over
his hands. He would never pull his diaper off,
and because I know this, I also know that
he did not take off a poopy diaper!!!
And then play in it.
I didn't then give Noah to Paul to go clean up
and then proceed to not crawl around on
my hands and knees feeling
for poop on my rug!
I would never get that worked up about a rug!
(I really didn't find any, though, he got it
all over the blanket that he was sitting
on instead! Thank goodness!)
I am really not enjoying the fact that
Emmie is sleeping all night!
Or that my husband has finally not joined me
back in our bed because she is sleeping!
She is in a not crib in our room for those who
were not at all curious! 7 people in a 3br house(and
Our walk-in closet is big, but not big enough
for clothes and a crib, like MckMama's must be!!)
I am also not mildly depressed that Emmie
will be turning 1 in 6 days-or that she is
walking full time now.
I would not love to know
where the year has gone...I was never
so sleep deprived as to miss what was going on!
Well, I guess I'm not gonna go for now...
And certainly don't be watching later this week for a
Father's Day giveaway!!


Mandy T said...

Too with 6 kids your brave!! I dont like taking my2 by myself! Noah and the poop thing is so funny. There is Never a dull moment in your house!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Ok, I don't even like to brave the stores with 3 of my own kids. LOL
You are one brave lady!
Sorry about the poopy. Thank goodness it didn't get on your carpet.
Time flies huh? especially without sleep:)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I am SUPER impressed that you made it out of Walmart alive with 6 kids in tow!! I am usually grabbing for a chocolate fix at the register to calm my nerves just going with my three!! Yay for Emmie sleeping through the night...I bet you are much better rested now that you don't have to get up with her!

amanda said...

...just another manic monday...wooo oooo...

okay. i would've about DIED when that cashier clapped. how crazy. i would call you 'brave'...but're a mom. it's what mom's do. they take their kids shopping and survive. people stare at me with my four as well. i just 'do it'. sometimes it's harder than others but we do it. not that i don't enjoy a shopping trip by myself too, but still. anyways. i think i would've went on one of those solo shopping trips had any of my children had 'brown stuff all over'. yuck-o! yay for sleeping. sleep is good. really good...

wish it was sunday....wooo ooo...
cause that's my funday...wooo ooo
just another manic monday. :0) now it's really stuck isn't it!?! :0)

Tracy said...

I don't even like taking 2 kids to Wal-mart. You are GOOD. And thank goodness I don't have a poop story like that one. Too funny!!