Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not Me! Monday-cell phone picture style!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday!
Where we get to air all our dirty
totally clean laundry from the past week.
Created by MckMama over at
as a way to ease all the mommy guilt-
without really fessing up to anything!
Join in, read along, then hop over to MckMama's
blog and read what she and all the other
moms have not been doing this week!

So, this week I am not going to share with
you the fun of going out and about with my brood.
Not that there's anything at all to talk about.
Like, Jacob, for instance. He's totally all boy, all the time.
He would never put on hula apparel at Target-never
encouraged by Sydney-and dance down the aisles doing
the hula. He's so not in touch with his feminine side!
And since he would never do this, I certainly would
never take a picture of it with my phone
(since I have my camera with me everywhere, right?)
and then I would refuse to post it on my blog for the world
to see! Hula on, my handsome boy, and keep
giving me pictures to not show your future wife!
Cause I would never embarrass you like that!

While eating at Chick-Fil-A, we don't enjoy the free
Cheerios they have available for the little ones. While
munching on these yummy Cheerios, if a big sister-
not naming any names Ashton-
decided to lick one and stick it on a sweet Emmie's forehead,
I would absolutely not allow it to stay there the duration
of the time we were there because I didn't think
it was totally hilarious. I also wouldn't take pictoral evidence of
said Cheerio and never post it here
because I am sure that none of you would ever want to see such
horrific abuse of a cheerio beautiful baby girl.

Lastly, while perusing through Wally World, I would
never park a buggy containing my two year old close enough to
any shelf for him to be able to reach anything on it. I would also
never be paying so little attention to that particular buggy
(I mean come ON, I literally have 3 buggies people!)
that my two year old could have time to grab himself a box of
day old, reduced, jumbo blueberry muffins,
get them open, and proceed to eat HALF of one before
I realized he was saying repeatedly, 'I dot boo-betties, momma!'
Pay no attention to the half-eaten muffin in his other hand.
It is only an illusion.

And this is still not him eating his, while now offering me one.
OMGosh, I can't turn my back on this kid for a second!

I totally did not repackage the remaining muffins,
and at Ashton's recommendation
after tasting Noah's, did not go pick up another box
to go along with the one we already had.

My cell phone has never come in handy is these situations,
you know, cause they never happened.
Life with my 5 is NEVER dull.
And that's the truth. See you next week!


mummyof5monsters said...

hehe it certainly is not!! We have NEVER stuck a sticker on Fatboys forehead and had hysterics watching him try and get it off! LOVE the pics:)

Tracy said...

Cute pics. Great stories. Whether you have 2 or 5, there is always a funny story to tell.

{Kimber} said...

haaaaaaaahaaaa the cute!!!
I don't know how you do it with THREE buggys--I barely make it with one :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Hilarious! Was this all in one trip? I love the pic of funny! And Emmie didn't seem to mind the cheerio on her head at all! I don't think my boys have ever opened anything off the shelf before, but that is probably because I let them eat popcorn chicken from the deli to keep them quiet!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Oh, I bet you DO have a lot of fun on shopping days! But aren't big families fun? =0)

I love the cyclops cheerio baby and the boo-bettys. Glad you had your phone!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Oops,that was from me...

Erica! The Monday Mom!

christy rose said...

The cheerio on the forehead? Priceless! LOL

Mandy T said...

That was so funny, I loved the pics! Looks like you may have your hands full with Noah!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

OmGosh Jen,
this post was hysterical. I just love your kids. What fun you had this week. Cute

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Your pictures were so fun. I love the dress up in the middle of the store. Emmie doesn't look so amused with the cherrio stuck on her forehead. What an adorable little girl!

Foursons said...

There's the cheerios pictures! HA! And I love the muffin story that did not happen. How can you help but love that kid?!