Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Not Me! Monday.
This fantastic outlet for not admitting all things
that could be considered 'mom guilt' was created
by MckMama over at
Hop on over and see what she and all the
other blog moms have not been doing this week.

Ok, I would never be unbelievably
guilt ridden for not throwing my baby a
first birthday party on her birthday. Especially when her
birthday was on a weekend day and we totally
could have had it. I was completely unbusy all last
week with Bible school every morning, and
ball games every night and just couldn't get it together!
I would not tell anyone that I seriously did not
cry my eyes out Saturday night when I put her
to bed because I didn't feel like the
worst mom on the planet.

I also would never cry my eyes out again Sunday
night when I put her to bed because I am
not in denial about the fact that she is
already a year old! And in the birthday
tribute post I did for her, I would absolutely
NOT post a HUGE belly shot from the
night before she was born.
Uh-uh! Not Me!!

After having a great week in Bible school,
I was really not just a bit happy that it was
over with! My class was wonderful, but the
getting up so early and getting everyone
dressed was too much like school days for my taste!
I was not rejoicing to read over at Kelli's blog
that several children walked the aisle Sunday morning
after hearing about Jesus all week in VBS, though,
so that doesn't make it all worth it!
Thank you, Lord!!

We did not spend the whole day (and night)
bathing suit shopping on Saturday.
I would never find a suit that I actually
liked, that made Paul whisper something blush-worthy
in my ear, and that covered all the wrong curves
only to put it back because I already have one
at home that I can still wear-even though I don't like it!
I am not so cheap that I won't by myself a new suit!!
And I do not get hives just thinking about wearing
a bathing suit in front of other people, especially
since I haven't put several pounds back on after
losing a lot of Emmie-baby weight!
I have not determined to diet before vacation,
and I would never let something as
simple as snack time at VBS to undermine it for me!
I would never!! Nope!!

I am not just a little frustrated that I am having
trouble with strikethroughs on my blog
When I try to strike out a word now, it strikes
out everything afterward too!!
It is not maddening because I have never
done it successfully many times before!
Well, that's totally not enough confession
for today!
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Konnie said...

Girl, If I find a bathing suit that fits and that I feel somewhat comfortable in, I would buy one in every color. LOL! And you have a good excuse not to have had Emmie's B-day party Sunday, you had a really busy week. It is really sad that our Babies are turning 1, I have been dreading Easton's birthday for the last few months and I still have a month from today to go.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Birthday partiesa can be so stressful!! Don't feel guilty, they won't remember it anyway!! I'm glad VBS is over if only I could get my boys to sleep late! When you do the strikethrough don't forget the slash! I tried to reply to your comment and your en=mail still isn't showing boys haven't tried the hummus yet, I just opened last night after they went to bed!

Tracy said...

Great Not Me's. I hope you find a bathing suit you like. I hate shopping for them too. And give yourself a break about the b'day party. Summertime is so busy.

Mandy T said...

Dont worry, when we wear our swim suits to the waterpark at the end of this month we will be HOT mommas!!! LOL
I know how you feel about birthday parties, Noahs bday is on Friday & I dont have anything planned and dont have a clue when I will.

He And Me + 3 said...

I loved your belly picture and post to sweet.
I hate bathing suit shopping too. I dont' think I have been in over 5 years. That is so sad. I may not ever go again:) LOL
I will need a cute one for our vacation to the I may just be going soon.

christy rose said...

No guilt! It is OK!
I love your belly picture.
I love coming here!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Hey Jennifer...check out this tutorial on how to turn on your email!

I came across it today and thought it might help you since I can't remember how I turned mine on to begin with!