Friday, June 26, 2009

Sentimental Saturday...

As a child of the 80's, there are many items that
send me flying back to a particular age or time.
Swatch watches, care bears, power ballads,
tight rolled pants (OMGosh-who didn't do this??)
hammer pants, big hair, need I go on?
Cause I could go on a while.

There are always things that make impressions
on us as we grow up, and really, music probably makes
the biggest impression. Dick Clark once said,
"Music is the soundtrack of life."
How true that is!
How many times have you heard an 'old'
song and been transported back to an exact
moment in your life? Maybe it's just me-I'm a bit
of a music fanatic, and there is always
music around me-I always have the radio
on-in the house, car, outside, etc.

And I just wanted to point out that Michael Jackson
was a huge part of growing up for me.
This was back when MTV actually played videos!
I can remember seeing the Beat It video and
actually thinking Wesley Snipes could kick
Michael's butt, but also being happy in the end
when they just danced!
I can remember thinking the path that lit up in
the Billie Jean video was the coolest thing ever.
I can remember sitting in my Memaw's living
room with all my older cousins
(Keri, Keisha, and Kristi-I love you guys!)
-with the curtains drawn and all the
lights off-anxiously awaiting the premier of
I was 6 and it scared the pants off me!
(Not that I would ever have admitted that!!)
Vincent Price's voice scared me as much as
the zombies did!! To this day, that laugh
gives me chills.
I was and still am amazed at MJ's unbelievable
dancing skills. No one can move like he can-
go visit youtube, and watch some moonwalk
then look up the video for Smooth Criminal.
Guaranteed to blow your mind.

We all remember the sparkly glove, the red
zippered jacket, the moonwalk, the superfluous
crotch grabs (what was up with that??)
the black hat, the hair fire on the Pepsi commercial.
That is the Michael Jackson I remember.
Before he became 'Wacko Jacko.'
I don't want to discuss the issues that came
later because no one knows what went on,
and there's no point in speculating. I just
wanted to honor the memory of one of the
greatest musicians of all time.
I am truly sad at the loss of part of
my childhood.


{Kimber} said...

Please please go on....ahhhhhhh tight rolled pants--it was an art wasn't it???!!! and big hair----I saw a pic recently of me in 11th grade my bangs were seriously soooo high they were OUT OF THE PICTURE!!! scary!!!
have I seen the New Moon trailer--did you honestly just ask "obsessed" that ? ummm YEAH!! :)
I had no idea you were close to Metarie!!! how awesome would that be for us bleeps to meet there and see it!! we should totally do that!
thanks for the walk down memory lane---many of these exact memories are mine as well {with exception of YOUR cousins} hehe

He And Me + 3 said...

Ok, the 80s was definitely the best era for music, but the hair and the clothes I could totally do without. LOL
So true..Michael Jackson was an artist and a very talented man.
His life defintely had it's ups and downs.

christy rose said...

I was never a Michael Jackson fan! But, it is nice to read something that recognizes that He was a human life that was lost. And that is always sad!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, that decade was so bad for me and my style and my looks. Yikes!!! I'd never ever want to go back to how geeky and pathetic I looked back then. Horrors! =0)

I feel so bad for MJ. I think he had such a messed up sense of self... you'd have to to do what he did to himself over the years. But it's just sad --- he never had any sort of childhood and SOOOO longed for one.

I'll just have to keep on Moonwalking like I did in my Father's Day post. =0)


amanda said...

well i was young in the 80's, born in the 80's actually. :0) BUT i so remember rolling my pants. the tighter the better!! so it must've moved on into the 90's as well. or us younger kids were trying to copy the 80's. who knows!! lol. you did a nice job with the post.