Friday, March 13, 2009

Field Trip Friday

National Naval Aviation Museum
Naval Air Station
Pensacola, FL

We took a field trip today with Sydney's class to the Aviation Museum in Pensacola-which I didn't even know existed until this field trip came up. It was really pretty cool! For my friends here who have boys (which is ALL of you the last time I checked!) it is totally FREE!!! Read that? FREE!! There is an IMAX movie and a flight simulator ride that you have to pay for, if you want to do them, but they are not necessary. There are airplanes, jets and helicopters hanging and parked everywhere- and many of them are open for the kids to climb in. The boys had a blast!

(For those of you who don't recognize the extra little boy in orange, he is not some stranger's kid! That is Steven-my '6th' child! I have been keeping him since he was 4 weeks old! He's 3.)

This Air Station is home of the famous Blue Angels!

Emmie was there too...she had a good time, but momma only got blurry pics! :(

Did I mention that the base is on the beach? The scenery was beautiful! There was also a lighthouse, a military cemetery, and some old forts, none of which we had time to see. We will definitely go back soon-especially to see the Blue Angels. You can watch them practice-FREE!

We had a blast, and everyone was worn out on the way home.

I realized only after I uploaded the pics that even though this was Sydney's field trip, we didn't even get one pic with her. She was off with her friends (and their chaperone) much of the time. Sad, I know.

Noah Speaks: Airfwayne, Momma.

Do I need to translate? :) He's asleep with his 'airfwayne' as I type.





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He And Me + 3 said...

what a fun trip. Free is something I like to hear. Looks like they all had fun. Great pics. My favorite though is the one of them sleeping in their tired out from their fun day. Super cute. Hopefully someone got some pictures of Sydney for you. :)

Tracy said...

That sounds like alot of fun. I'm sure Carter would love it. His room is decorated in airplanes. Cute pics of the boys in the airplanes.

Anonymous said...

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Kelli said...

Jason and I took the boys there two summers ago on our way to Destin. They loved it!! They were both still pretty young, but still loved seeing all the airplanes.You got some really cute pictures! I'm glad ya'll had a fun time on the field trip!

Konnie said...

It looked like the boys had alot of fun. We need to take the kids over there maybe sometime in April and then we can go to the beach.
You & Paul taalk about the beach trip and let me know when ya'll want to go. I found a few 4 bedroom beach houses.