Monday, March 23, 2009

Praying for Stellan

Usually on Mondays I encourage everyone to go visit MckMama's blog-
for everyone's Not Me! Monday posts. Today, I am asking everyone to go and read about the very scary things going on right now with Stellan's heart. Stellan and the whole family need our prayers. Please visit and let MckMama know that we are all with her, in prayer and spirit if not in body.
Praying fervently,


Kelli said...

I saw her post this morning when I first got up!! I was so suprise...Stellan always looks so happy and healthy!! I said a prayer for her already this morning, and am hoping we get an update before tonight so we know how he is doing!

Konnie said...

I was just trying to call you to tell you to check out MckMama's blog. Hopefully she will update later this evening about what is going on. We are praying for them.
I posted on her blog to let her know that we are praying.