Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Picture Challenge-or not...

Well, it's been a non-productive weekend as far as the whole blog goes. First, I was going to participate in flashback Friday. I spent all afternoon Friday going through pictures (that was really fun though, great memories) and picking out the right ones. Then I brought our scanner/copier/printer/thingy downstairs to hook up to my laptop so I could put the pics on here. Very excited!! After over an hour of fighting to make it work (and not to mention it was no longer Friday!) I gave up and went to bed. The next day I played with it a bit and realized that my laptop is too new for my scanner!! The software is not compatible with Vista. WHAT?? You're kidding-my HP scanner doesn't work with my HP laptop? That's technology for you! Oh, well.

Then Saturday night I got in a funk and still haven't really shaken it. No real reason, but I've been moody and quiet-I must be PMSing(yes I did just make that a verb!) I wouldn't know cause I still don't have a real cycle yet. Very hormonal!! So tonight I get on here to do Random Picture Challenge, and blogger won't upload my pics. On the upside, I did figure how to make a signature-but I can't use it tonight if I can't upload. :) What a weekend.

Did I mention Syd's been sick and after 5 days on antibiotics she is still running fever and coughing her head off? She's in her bed hacking away as I type. Poor baby!

I just wanted to say that it was not all bad-my Emmie turned 9 months on Saturday. She is soooooo big! She is crawling everywhere, and pulling up on anything or anyone that will be still. She now has 4 teeth, and they are so stinkin cute I can hardly stand it! She is never without a smile, and is very independent. She loves cheerios and fruit loops (broken in half of course) I love to watch her face as she processes things around her. It usually doesn't take her more than one try to figure something out, and she never misses anything!! She's also pretty rough and tumble-she's going to give her big brothers a run for their money! I adore my Emmie Claire, my baby girl, and wonder where the time has gone.

Tomorrow is a new day! Hope for sunny skies and happy (non-moody) mommas!!
Night all!
Laughing at myself,


Konnie said...

Hey Girl, I hope Sydney starts to feel better soon. Yeah, I know how you feel about the PMSing thing it is the pits, it's nice when your pregnant and not having to deal with it.

Kelli said...

I hate that blogger hasn't been cooperating with you. I can't wait to see your signature! Then you need to tell me how you did it! Emmie is getting so big...I can't believe she has 4 teeth already! Eli is getting his first tooth right now! I hope this week is better than last week!

He And Me + 3 said...

Sorry that things have not been going well...with computers and sickness. Hoping for a better week for you and yours.