Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Heart Faces-Week 10-Green

I Heart Faces-Week 10

Ok, so our pictures are really not inundated (or even merely punctuated!) with green. In fact, it was difficult to find much at all unless they were outdoor pics, which usually didn't have face shots. This is what I could find:

Jacob with the rinse cup in the tub. Obviously this was a few years ago. :)
I have to say, though that this theme really got me thinking about green...which led to thinking about spring...which led to thinking about new life. (I know...my mind usually runs in weird circles!) I love spring! I love when everything is fresh, and new, and green. There is a day every year when I pull into the driveway and realize spring is really here. Everything is so beautifully neon green it just takes my breath away. For those of you who don't live here, we don't really have a 'fall' where all the leaves fall off and we look at dead trees all winter. We look at pines and oaks and evergreens that turn either a very dull, ugly, dark green, or just a really ugly brown. Then when the weather warms up, I know it's coming. That one day. That magical morning when everything is reborn or refreshed and green. I am thankful for it every year.
I don't miss the similarity between spring and our lives in Christ. When we find Christ, and accept Him in our lives, we become that day in spring. We become fresh and new and green. Suddenly the old, dull, dead life is gone, and we are reborn. And sometimes, in the trials and errors of our lives, we pull away from God. Not always intentionally, and not always entirely, but far enough that we don't feel the connection. Then one day we wake up and realize the distance, and we hear Him calling. And we discover the need to cry out to Him again, not unlike the first time, and He is there. Understand-He never left. He was calling all along, and we were just too busy or distant to listen. But when we turn back to Him, He takes us willingly and we too are reborn, refreshed. It amazes me-not unlike that day in spring. This is where I have been in my life recently-in winter. I don't remember what led to it, but I have heard Him calling, and I am answering! I am determined to walk the path I am supposed to be on! And I will continue to watch closely for that green day. Thank you God for spring!


Kelli said...

That is such a cute picture of Jacob...with just the right amount of green!!
The rest of your post is beautiful...you have such great analogies!
When it was raining Monday morning, I looked out the window and started to see a little more green and a little less brown in the grass!! It was really pretty especially because it was all wet from the rain!! I'm glad spring is almost here!

He And Me + 3 said...

Beautiful...both the picture and the post.

April said...

What a happy face! So cute! Best of luck!

Shannon @ Potamus Prefers said...

What a cutie. Love your post, too. I agree, thank God for Spring!

iHeartFaces said...

It doesn't matter if your entry had a lot or just a little bit of green, so your entry was perfect for this week's theme! :)

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We have already fixed this week’s entry for you.

Thanks so much for joining in on the fun,

~Amy & Angie
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Melynda_Ross said...

Obviously, those waffles that you did not feed him were not whole wheat. I think Jacob needs fiber, LOL!

Sharon said...

It's perfect! So nice to meet you :)

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