Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday...and various weekend happenings...

~Not Me! Monday!~

Hop on over to
where MckMama is definitely not participating
in Not Me! Monday this week.
She has other things on her mind.
But you can read up on how baby Stellan is doing,
and see how badly we need to keep praying.

Not Me! Monday is the blog carnival created by MckMama to give all us perfect Mamas a way to tell all the things we would never do throughout our week, and we certainly would not tell anyone if we did them!!

So here are all the things I truly did not do;

I did not find myself strangely bonding with a woman from the frozen tundra whom I have never met. I did not check her blog 20 several times a day waiting impatiently for updates on her beautiful, sick baby boy. I never once prayed for this sweet babe who has completely captured my heart even though I have never laid eyes on him outside my Internet connection.

I did not spend the whole week telling friends and family about him. I would never ask so many people to go read about and then pray for such a sick baby boy. I couldn't have prayed so much for a total stranger, her family, or her beautiful Stellan.

I did not get a new cousin this weekend! She is not the tiniest thing I have ever held! She was not only 5lbs 4oz, and she is not completely precious! I did not threaten to sneak her into my purse and bring her home with me. She totally did not make me hope that Paul and I didn't make another baby the other night when we didn't have that little mishap...(so not blushing)

~Zoey Grace~

I did not have 3 ball games to try to keep up with Saturday. Ashton, Sydney, and Jacob are not all 3 playing ball this year, and do not play on separate ends of the ball park! I would never leave the house without sunscreen, therefore we must not have ALL gotten sunburned-that's right, it is not my fault that even poor Emmie got sunburned! Jacob did not look TOTALLY cute in his uniform that was just ridiculously a bit too big.

(Aren't those the cutest saggy britches you've ever seen?!? LOL)

My little leftie!

I also did not let Jacob play knowing he still didn't feel well-please don't notice how totally out of it he looks!

I did not put Emmie in the grass for the first time this spring just to try to get a cute pic. I most certainly did not leave her there even after she made it very obvious she didn't like it, just to try and get a good shot! I would never torture my baby like that just for pictures! I also didn't think it was SOOO cute!!

Can't you just hear her saying, "What IS this floor made of?"

Looking to Memaw for help

"Won't anybody save me??"

"Ok, Mama, enough! Come and get me please!!"

Not me Monday aside, I never did get a smiling pic, but these are cute anyway. You can tell she didn't want to fuss, but she was not happy!

Well, this is totally not the longest Not Me Monday post I've ever written! I was apparently not very busy this weekend (and I only wrote about SOME of it!!) And my fingers are really not cramping!!




He And Me + 3 said...

I never forget the sunscreen either. Yikes. I am always the one to get burned the worst too:)
praying for that sweet baby too.

Tracy said...

Cute pics of Jacob and Emmie. I have been following baby Stellan's story too. I pray he gets well soon so that family can be back together. Isn't it amazing how you can feel like you know them and you've never even met?

Mandy T said...

TMI on hoping you made a baby the other night!!! lol love the oics of jacob playing ball and emmie in the grass! Have a good week!!